Legit check on illadelph bong!

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  1. Whaddup !

    First post on here! Have always looked around this forum but never registered! Wanted to get your guys' opinion on this illadelph. Sorry these are the only pictures I could get, but lemme know!

    Thanks in advance and I look forward to postin on here more often :cool:

  2. my bad on the 2nd pic
  3. Looks solid to me.
  4. Hey op. I had a fake illy that looked exactly like this one here. Just a warning to you. The illy label, scratch it with your hand and see if you can scratch it off. Also, if possible put up some pics of the diffuser on that downstem.. my fake one was very sloppily slitted and some parts were not even open. Also check on the bottom, is it smooth? my fake illy had a bunch of ripples and circles in the glass on the bottom. Does the bottom of the bong feel thinner than other parts?
  5. Thanks for the quick responses! and unfortunately I can't get my hands on the bong :/ I'll ask for more pictures and post them if i get em. These are the only pics i have to work with for now.. More input would be greatly appreciated! :smoke:
  6. All real illys also come with a space case grinder too, so if you didnt get one with it that could be fake. also the label looks weird to me
  7. From what I can see, the notches seem to be in the right place, the bowl looks identical to mine, and the downstem has the slightly sharper downstem angle.

    The downstem also appears to have the horizontally slit open ended downstem that most illy's have stock.

    Looks good to me :hello:
  8. Thanks everyone! Hopefully will be pickin this up soon so more input would be appreciated!
  9. Nvm already sold :(. Thanks anyways

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