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Legend vs Dickhead supplier (bad dealer thread)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Danjaa, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. Was just wondering which of these personalities suits your dealer best :p

    As of just now, my dealer's an absolute cuuuuunt. He has certain opening times, takes coke when you're there, blatantly cheats on his wife, lives off of benefits and he's about 40... the list goes on. As you may have guessed he's not a friendly guy. :mad:

    How about you? And if your dealer's cool, do you have any stories about bad dealers you've had? :p

  2. yea my dealer does coke infront of me but not really a bad guy but he acts hella ghetto and its annoying cuz hes not black or in the ghetto o well
  3. My dealers cashy, he hooks it up, but who gives a fuck if your dealers chowdered up when you come over?
  4. "wanna match bro...? Nah I'll smoke you up hahahahahah"

    *passes hookah hose*

    he only smokes weed outta blunts or his hookah :rolleyes:
  5. i would get a new dealer but no one elses weed compares...
  6. I got the best of both worlds. My guy quickly became a good friend we haze alot. And I know his supplier too if I ever need big pickups
  7. never had a really BAD dealer, but up until i met my current guy, all the dealers i bought from either overcharged, flaked out on transactions, took way too long to get me the product, or just generally sucked at dealing bud (or all of the above).

    the guy i go through now is pretty good. always has dank, decent price (for my area), and he almost always has bud. if he does go dry, it's only for like 1-2 days so it's never an issue (I always pick up long before i go dry)
  8. Ive known my guy for a long time. Hes cool as hell and fairly honest and fair when he hooks me up. However I think it would be easier to get a hold of the president than this guy. Half the battle of getting hooked up by him is getting in contact with him.

    But, when I do. Its worth it. Usually..
  9. My dealer is a really cool guy. I met him through my friends brother and whenever he sells to my friend or his brother the hookup is always fat. I was able to get 1.8 outta him for $25 when he usually does a gram for $15. He also has some of the best shit in town and always replies to texts/calls no matter what time.

    My cousins guy is a douchebag though. He skimps, never answers the phone, and flakes out a lot. Oh and he only deals mids and lives over a hundred miles away from my cousin
  10. I have 2 main means of pick-up one is my friend who actually gets it from her dad who is best friends with a grower, she always cool, pretty standard pricing, sometimes she will out of the blue just not charge me for a gram wich is super great of her.

    Then I have my brother(who lives with my family out of town) who I kind of use as my middle man whenever I go to visit, and he either gets it from friends who are chill and tend to be slightly generous and calm, or my cousin who is a SPAZ , he gets really paranoid and the second who even ask him about getting any he expects you to already be on your way to his house, and if you take longer then 35 min he will dip out of pure paranoia. Sad thing is he is never dry so more often then not we have to hit him up .
  11. Damn if i had a dealer as bad as you guys portray yours to be i would just invest and grow my own. All my dealers are my friends i graduated with and they all have there pros and cons but none are unbearable.
  12. I buy my weed from one of my good friends who rarely smokes usually gives me atleast .4 over what i'm buying
  13. Fuck yo dealer. And most of my dealers are chill, great dank, hook me up

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