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  1. I just received Twilight Princess in the mail and i can't wait to play it tomorrow. Never played it so it's gonna be fun as fuck! I played OoT, majora's mask and skyward sword. OoT is definitely my favorite, may be nostalgia but never can get bored of it. Anyone else into LoZ?
  2. Im in the middle of playing Ocarina of time then I'll play Twilight Princess.
  3. Very cool! How far into OoT are you?
  4. Umm, maybe halfway? Not sure. Doing the water temple.
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    Wind Waker was awesome.
  6. love the legend of zelda, starting at ocarina of time ive played and own all the ones (on console) after except for skyward sword! how is it???

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  7. hated that temple the most! so confusing at first! i could probably beat the game with my eyes closed now tho lol.

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  8. [quote name="nesw" post="19390106" timestamp="1390454608"]hated that temple the most! so confusing at first! i could probably beat the game with my eyes closed now tho lol.Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum[/quote]Yeah, I've yet to find a way inside..lol
  9. Lucky, that's my favorite series. Windwaker was a blast.
  10. Original Zelda can be a lot of fun when you're in the mood, especially first time playing when you don't know what the fuck is going on and you just kind of... go. Beat it.
    Zelda II is a strange one for sure, but good if you're baked as shit I guess hahaha that game is half baked. Beat it.
    Never played A Link to the Past.
    Link's Awakening is a pretty fun game, but I don't think I've completed it either. One of the few handheld ones I liked though.
    The water temple was where I gave up the first time I tried playing Ocarina of Time all the way :( Still haven't beaten that game past there...
    Never played Majora's Mask, although my girl friend has it. I need to borrow that sometime, but probably after I finish Ocarina of Time...
    Never played either Oracle games, but I have a friend who owns both of them. I should ask to borrow them some time as well, but I generally don't like the handheld Zelda games.
    Never played Four Swords, although I've watched it be played and it looks interesting and well done.
    Wind Waker is my personal favorite, and I can beat that wicked easily now. There's so many sidequests in that one too to keep you entertained. I would gladly purchase a Wii-U just to get Wind Waker HD, that looks like it is amazing!
    Four Swords Adventures just seemed to be an updated better version of Four Swords, so that was cool I guess. I don't recall ever playing it though.
    The Minish Cap is my girl friend's favorite game in the series, but I personally think it's just alright. Maybe if I played it through my Game Boy Advance/Game Cube player it would be more fun on a console, but I just have a harder time getting into a handheld Zelda game for some reason.
    Twilight Princess is a fantastic game and one I would highly recommend. I haven't played all the way through, but from what I've done so far, it's phenomenal and one of the best titles for the Wii in general. Never played it on Game Cube, though.
    Phantom Hourglass was just ok... I was disappointed they made the follow up on a handheld device, a lot of the handheld ones just don't sit right with me.
    Never played Spirit Tracks, but I assumed it was similar to Phantom Hourglass in some ways.
    Haven't played OoT 3D or The Four Swords Anniversary Edition. Nor have I played the Wind Waker HD. I have watched my cousin play Skyward Sword, and I believe my girl friend has that one as well, but I haven't personally played that yet either.
    Me too, my woman will be pissed. I will have to waited a year or two and buy the system used.
  12. dude you pick that controller up and you start playing ocarina of time again! its puzzling but you'll get through it. and then you HAVE to play majoras mask, i think thats one is my favorites but its really hard for me to chose lol. its really good tho, its different and theres something like slightly eerie about it to me lol idk but you gotta check it out for sure!

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  13. I've been meaning to pick it back up again! I will for sure now that my room is all finished being moved around and the tv is working again. I got Ocarina sitting here next to me, but my 64 is upstairs and it's too late to stay focused right now. Plus I'm ripped and got work in the morning. But after work, I'll be coming back on here looking for some help on this damn water temple!  :smoking:
  14. Damn you guys got me all worked up about this series again.
    Can't wait until my shift is over. I wish I could bring my 64 to work, that would be sweeeeeet.
    Yeah definitely play Wind Waker, its the best of the non-64 trio.
  16. Twilight princess was good but the whole making zelda games with old age ideas and shit is getting old, they need to revamp this franchise into a new age for sure, i mean its got a following so why not.
    my favorite part of TP was doing the 50 levels of the fairy dungeon or whatever, that shit was pretty challenging at times.
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    I played OoT way back in the day and beat it multiple times. I bought the collector's disc for GC but havnt beat it again.I've never played majoras mask (i think its on the disc) Wind Waker was a pretty fun game too.
  18. I lost my save on WW before I finished it but I adored it. I sold my Wii before I finished Twilight Princess but I love it.
    OoT was revolutionary but MM holds a special place in my heart as GOAT Zelda.
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    Well I might have to un hook the ps3 and hook up the gc and get down on some ZeldaEdit: hooked up the gc and it doesn't have mm just OoT and OoT: master quest. What is that?
  20. I've never owned a zelda game, but i would always play them at my cousins house. I suck at them and didnt know what to do.

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