Legend of zelda backwards.

Discussion in 'General' started by .AcidTrip., May 5, 2011.

  1. lol. awesome. i wish i was high for that tho... actually i just wish i was high period...
  2. those lazy clever.....
  3. zelda games are the greatest
  4. That's pretty cool if it's real.
  5. I listened to it backwords but i dont hear anything interesting??
  6. its zelda's lullaby when played backwards.

  7. thank god i was thinking i woudlnt get it :D but i dont know zelda's lullaby :smoke:
  8. I never knew at first hahahaha had to listen to the orignal and realize
  9. Tis sick, sire.
  10. Fucking awesome

    Ocarina of Time is by far my favorite game, I actually need to find it and play it all over

    I never played Mask of Majora but I've heard good things, maybe I'll pick it up and get some solid game time in

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