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Legally smoke at school

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by CrazyHorse, Jun 4, 2009.

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  1. so imma get my card soon and i have been wondering how i can leagally have my meds at school just like everyone else takes their pills. my math teacher says the nurse would prob have to hold it and go to her and take my medicine in her office.
    Any thoughts?
    Also if i face problems with school maybe i should look into filing a case against them if denied use of my meds:devious:
  2. Nope, noway would that be allowed due to 2nd hand mostly. However there are THC pills suckers ive even heard of chap stick which would be much more understandable
  3. Thats the way my high school would have anyone deal with meds - the nurse would hold on to them. I'd ask your nurse and see what she says.
  4. Nurse: "Which strain would you like today little Timmy?"

    my name is not timmy.
  5. One of the rules that come with a card is, You must be atleast 100 feet away from school to smoke.

    I don't think you'll win that fight.
  6. yes 100ft to smoke so maybe edibles?
    i could only imagine eating five potent brownies and trying to
  7. now if ingesting the edibles is legal is the question because it does not permit just smoking necessarily. it says ingesting marijuana so i would think that includes edibles. not really sure, but i have had edibles at school before in great success. can anyone clarify???
  8. A vast majority, if not all, public schools receive federal funding. Which they would not risk losing just so you could use your MMJ on campus. Plus you don't have a prescription for marijuana, just a doctors recommendation that using it could help you. The school has no obligation to honor 215.
  9. I'm curious OP, what conditions do you have that would qualify you for MMJ at such a young age that you'd have to take it during High School?

    Oh and BTW in California it's not just smoking near a school, it's all use of MMJ.
  10. 18 alrdy and being a senior its that easy

  11. sorry, but honestly haven't you ever heard of edibles? your naming the most obscure remedies for his situation, when he could easily just bring in a cookie or muffin or just spread some canna butter on something at lunch.
  12. Do you really need to smoke at school?
  13. haha dood are you kidding?

    technically yes you could but you would have to do it in the nurses office like they said. theres a vid somewhere on youtube only if i could find it......[ame=]YouTube - Medical Marijuana in California High School[/ame]

    its around minute 2:32

    but seriously if you dont really need smoke at schoool at all. and the only time you would be able to smoke at school is lunch and since your old enough you should be able to go OFF CAMPUS (obviously 100 feet away) a much better way if you feel the need to "medicate" yourself

    try not to bring the shcool into it. its REALLY something they DONT need to kno about

  14. Are you joking? Seriously? You think that just because you're 18 and a senior in High School you should be allowed to have MMJ? You have no qualifying conditions? are in for a RUDE awakening.

    BTW -rep for this stupid ass thread.
  15. Agreed. I hate the greedy fucks who want to abuse what little us MMJ users have (and I don't even have MMJ in my state, fuck) just so they can be legal.

    - rep to op but +rep to will
  16. #16 Northern.Lights, Jun 7, 2009
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    your just bitter because its so easy to get a mmj card in cali ;)

    I agree this thread is stupid because this kid sounds really immature wanting to smoke at school.

    But serious question, would you still smoke if you didn't use mj as a medicine?

    I feel like you wouldn't....
  17. Why would I be bitter about that? I have my recommendation.
  18. this is a good way to ruin it for the rest of us

    You seriously can't wait until you get home? Its just dumb to try and get away with this shit just do what the rest of us do. smoke before school, attend school, and spark up as soon as you get home
  19. #19 xsouthparkx, Jun 7, 2009
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    I wouldn't recommending smoking in school. If you do end up smoking in school, don't brag. They will take that privilege away from you like no other.
    And you seem like it's your god given right to smoke at school. It's their property, if they want you expelled they will probably do it. They don't allow cigarettes, so why would they allow marijuana? If it's in edible form or chapstick/lollypop they yes they probably would allow it.

    "Smoking in school, isn't cool."
  20. god dude, if I were you I'd just eat some edibles in the morning. And if someone gets on you about being high you can just say you're a MMJ patient and you took your medicine this morning.. that sounds great.
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