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  1. So im pretty high and had an idea that if everyone kept scattering seeds all over the world in parks and just everywhere so that its literally two feet away from you so that noone could make weed illegal.
    Just an idea
  2. Plants can be ripped out of the ground.

    Just an idea

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  3. I live in Colorado where the farmers are beginning to farm huge crops of industrial hemp. All of us summer outdoor growers are terrified of this as it will drive us indoors year around.....farmed hemp will produce huge amounts of male hemp pollin....seeds anyone?
  4. Ugh, bummer for smoke growers.

    I was going to post here that it would make it possible to grow hemp industrially. I'm very pleased to see that is already happening. A really great thing for the environment.

    I have a feeling some parts of the state will be relatively free of pollen from the hemp growing. The seeds produced however, will be degraded smoke if the hemp pollinates a smoke crop.

    Mountainous or very hilly areas distant from plains land where hemp is grown should be okay.

    Its a big state.
  5. I hope so! I only grow a few giant outdoor plants as the neighbors get restless during flower. I don't live in a very cannabis friendly neighborhood and have to stick to Northern Lights to keep from gassing everyone out.
  6. Seems I remember about 25 miles being the reach of pollens.

    Industrial hemp is going to seriously slow deforestation in the coastal rainforest areas and elsewhere. I have a feeling that is a very important thing to do. Climate change could easily be based in deforestation.

    Not to mention that chemical toxicity will start to drop with industrial processes associated with everything hemp can be used for.
  7. Not to mention the wealth created as it fetches a much higher price than crop farming. This will save many of the struggling small dirt farmers that have been trying to compete with the corp. farms.
  8. Just legalize it already!!! Damn some people are just to damn ignorant
  9. he posted in other tjreds!

    Welcome to Chris!

  10. As someone else mentioned it's pretty easy to just pull those plants so it's not likely to have a great impact in the end. It's not a new idea though. The term "overgrow the world" was born from the idea and you can still find references to the effort with a web search, and I'm pretty sure it was the reason for the name of an old but somewhat famous web site which fell to the drug war years ago,
    There's a lot of history behind the idea, back in the 70s when pot was heavy with seeds we used to throw seeds out of car windows and roadsides were sometimes lined with seedlings, but they rarely developed unless they happened to fall out of sight. Probably where the term 'ditch weed' was born I'd guess.
  11. Great. Another one of these dumb ass threads. Try the search button op.
    And this has been done and nothing has happened. This will achieve 0. I love the online activist. Lol.

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