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Legalizing in Wyoming and Arizon and Nevada

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Aulë, Dec 5, 2008.

  1. What are the chances?

    How hard could i fight to at least just get myself permission to legally usemarijuana while never in public or driving but just at night for sleep?

    I would give a hell of a fight if it took 3 years - if it meant i would simply be able to finally not let sleep control my life.

    Are there any charts or graphs anyone has on statistics that show by what date at least MEDICAL marijuana will be even slightly allowed in each individual state.... each states chance.. how long.... etc etc...

    Imagine if utah allowed it under very very rare circumstances, and in even some cases they would check up on you to make sure you weren't just abusing it for shits.? I would be ok with that cause it would be better then nothing..

    utah, nevada, arizona... come on. Why are americans so stupid.... You can sIMPLY approve of something and allow it to pass but it doesn't mean its something you will have to do... or that will effect your future or family in negative ways... just simply allow it for the rare small amount of people who actually need it and are not going to continue being Beta testers for medicines that dont work from doctors.....

    I hate humans. sorry. yes. i am human too obviously. I hate me. Why couldn't i be a planet. or.... an ion cannon - both would have an interesting job.
    I'm insane arent i
  2. I believe it is legal in Nevada...

    Sounds like you need some MMJ from this and your other thread.
  3. Do you have to be a citizen in Nevada you think? If i can find an alternative college just as good.... that offers the training i need for REAl life skills (not living my life for a grocery store or business).... and isn't far from the rockies...and close to family... I might consider moving... who knows.....its just pathetic how i would have to move to simply be allowed some sleeping medicine.

    I'm in dire need of marijuana.

    Or maybe i'm just in dire need of something that i do not even realize yet and may never realize.

    All i want to do is sleep... i would have forgotten what i was doing 20 minutes ago and been in bed if i had eaten some cookies and milk, cookies being made from cannabis... about an hour ago....but no cookies for me... not even some hash residue for smoke... nothing.... and i havent touched it in months... and never craved it once and still am not... i just need change... i was stable before in my life...and now i'm not, and its not cause i don't have marijuana... its cause of this damn sleep. Man if i had a bowl of heavy hitting indica right now like afghani kush.... i would only need one hit of that, just one hit...and i would be out in 30 seconds - and i swear that is not an exageration - its the truth from a man with his most honest word.

    If i hadn't wrecked my car - because of a moron... i would be able to drive to cali and get an ounce of the hardest hitting nugs there are... i wouldn't care the price...

    That wold last me a year if only smoked... but if i were to do things the way i like and make it into food... i would need probably 3 ounces for a 6 month supply of herbal night teas... sure its expensive... 14 dollars a night for a cup of tea... but by the end of 6 months i would be back into a good regular sleeping routine again and have more self control back. probably wont get insomnia for another 8 years depending how things go.

    i have other issues of course that marijuana helps with - i just don't want to disclose that info cause its more serious and personal. But Insomnia seems to be the one that takes the longest to get myself free'd from. Its like a curse i swear too you. If a curse ever existed - insomnia is one lol.

    Of course, that would never ever happen.... i would probably be busted on the side of hte highway and accused of attempt to distribute. I hate them man i hate them.... i am glad they help with keeping some things under control but they take it to far with some people who they have no idea about.... I live a reclusive life... purposefully so i can keep my focus in my studies... the last thing i need is getting accuse of one thing i despise while trying to drive home with my cure.

    it's a feeling like you need medicine for someone who is dying but there are people with good intentions who are just doing their job but see you as bad or a threat so they block your path from getting that medicine.... I may not be dying of cancer. But i'm slowly dying and developing anemia and falling deeper and deeper into confusion and pill helps.....i'm sick of this car, no job, about to lose a house, family in need of help, and being an insomniac who you could say functions better nocturnally is not helping at all but fucking up my ability to funcion on EVERYONE ELSES ROUTINE AND SOCIETIES SCHEDULE.....

    GODAMNIT IF SOCIETY WANTS ME TO WORK WITH IT, THEN AT LEAST ALLOW ME A MEANS TO BE ABLE TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:mad:

    I'm going to scrape my pipe that has been sitting in the cellar for 4 months now. Lets hope there's something in it from my last smoke..

    Anyone know the effects of combining Benzos (like klonopin) with something like marijuana? ... at a very mild dose? I would do the research myself, and i already have.... i just have so much in my head right now i can't even think.

    much love GC
  4. the pill it is i guess.

    I was really hoping on my pipe having something or my grinder...even my damn vapo...nothin

    I'm just not in the mood for meditating and drifting off to sleep.:eek: Sometimes its hard... actually most hte time it is recently.. no patience or energy.
  5. There are no dispensaries in Nevada. At least, not to my knowledge. If you are a patient here in NV, you will be allowed to keep up to an ounce and/or 7 plants. Probably still have to buy from the streets, but I've never came across anything laced. Both the universities and the community college in Las Vegas are very good. What are you studying?

    Not to be an asshole or anything, but it sounds like you have more than just medicinal problems. Marijuana is a great medicine, but I don't think it will be the one stop cure. Your medical problems, sure, but it sounds like you got a lot of other shit on your plate right now.

    You say you have a family in need of help and you're about to lose your house. You need to put them first before all else and do whatever you gotta do to get shit done.
  6. If you can't find any herb for your sleep, I highly suggest you talk to your doctor about trazodone.

  7. Interesting! Thanks so much for getting that info for me :) I will maybe look into colleges there.

    I'm planning on studying environmental engineering, Ethnobotany and botany, some physics, computer sciences and Astronomy for understanding time/day/year better without a callendar or watch... just using the sky hehe. I know i have alot of stuff on my plate - but its just what i like to do, its what i consider fun, so it wont be a prob if i dont do it all at once.. My main focus though will be in environmental engineering and Computer science. I'm really into the environment... so on my free time i learn about zoology, self sustainable solutions, etc.....

    And absolutely not that doesn't come off as offensive - it's true and i know it, and its a bugger... i love this home and all... so before i start getting fully into college i'm going to be helping with the family by helping rent out the place and build in walls to sepperate sections. Hopefully the renters will help cover the monthly house costs (since the parents divourced back when i was 19 it left one of htem with the full payment.... a bitch aye but life is life fuck the asshoels for not letting us refinance). so if i can get a job, especially a from home one that would be great, then i could help with payments until they allow us to refinance. The reason i don't want to lose this house is because i want the siblings to be able to get the education i got, its a good school, one of the top 200 in the nation...we're lucky to even live up here.

    Ihope obama can do something that would help people like us out or at least do nothing instead of make things worse... who knows..but as i said first i need to just simply get a job... and thats just being a task harder then it use to be, especially with bad insomnia. But i have some things figured out and might get hired soon for some C++ programming. :) FAMILY IS ALWAYS FIRST and i'm glad you put that out, my family is everything to me - parents give up sooooooooo SO damn much for their kids, they deserve help at some point when those kids are grown and able, then begin their life. It can just be hard when the parent your trying to help has depression too pretty bad and arent always so motivated to do anything but feel overwhealmed... and damn its amazing how much of an impact the children can have on a parent by showing them the bright side and just talking - it gets them up and motivated and seeing possibilities haha anyways... i think i'll be offline for a long while maybbbe - got shit to do:wave:

    Trazedone gives me .... er .. something i dont want to discuss but involves your bowels. And it makes me think i'm tired, but since i already know its not making me tired, i realize that i'm not tired at all but just high, which makes me feel creative and want to do somethhing like paint or go outside and watch the night sky and clouds, and some. I wasn't prescribed it because i wanted to try it otu first so a buddy carefully lent me a week and a half supply for my body type/weight... i took it as its supppose to be... idk, pills just only make me want to think and go deep in my head and be creative... I dont know whats wrong with me honestly i just dont. Maybe its like the chemicals making a statement or living through my body temporarily like "hahahaa fuck youu Aulë go play WoW that will make you tired, NOT. go watch the clouds turn into living things, go take a walk at 1am in the woods, we wantttsss to explore and experience through your precious body". And then theres my body subconsciously fighting it off putting me in a dilema lol. I'm already chemically imbalanced - and thesee pills seem to just take putting me back into ballance out of proportion and live through me while i think is me but its not... its changing my dna over time.

    I appreciate the advice, I might try trazedone again - whatever is less dangerous then the others but works.... good. Ambien never made me tired, it made me hallucinate and feel so happy and euphoric and ..... extremely impulsive - i mean it. EXTREMELY IMPULSIVE. I loved it and started to abuse it. Then i told myself its time to stop, 90 pills after i was prescribed the first. Told the doc i didn't like waking up and finding that half my fridge was empty, waking up under hte pool table with 20 blankets pilled in there as if it were a blanket room i dont know what the fuck was in my mind, I didn't like waking up in my closet, i didn't like thinking that the clouds were living things, ... list goes on.... We figured it had to be an ANXIETY problem.. which it was :) Klonopin helped for hte first month..... then i dont know what happened.

    Ever herd of marinol? Why is synthetic thc legal and allowed, and its DANGEROUS, ..but real marijuana isn't legal and isn't so powerful and dangerous? Maybe i should ask for marinol.... get droned out... like all my friends say - it turns you into a drone... thats what i need i guess , become a drone and turn on the disney chanell so that i can't stand the obnoxious stuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuppppppid bullshit and just pass out. It might work.
    I will talk to my doc again, maybe try out trazedone again - also marinol - if ll fails, its time to move

    TY! :) I will be reading that rigghhhttt.... now

    c'ya guys thanks
  8. Sounds good. If you end up coming to Vegas, let me know. We'll kick it or something.

    And since you have insomnia, have you ever thought about trying to make the best of it to help your financial situation as well? I mean like getting a regular day job and then a 2nd one during the graveyard shift. Sounds like a lot, but you'd be pulling in some bank to help with rent AND it might make you tired and you could fall asleep too haha. Hope everything works out for you.

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