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  1. Is it just me or am I alone when I say i think marijuana should stay illeagal and should'nt ever be legal in the U.S (atleast not anytime soon). I feel that WAY WAY to many people would abuse it and society today has an super-addictive personallity. i just think that we the pot smokers have had some rough times with drugs and we are just a fraction of the population thus meaning the problems would elevate if it was open to the public.

    yes, yes it COULD be an amazing revolution if everyone smoked and respected the bud, the plant, and the spirituallity of the high but for some reason i don't see those kinds of thoughts dawning on the majority of the public anytime soon.

    I guess the purpose of this thread is to say we as a group (the marijuana enthusiests) need to stop all of this "ooooooooohhh legalize it" "free the plant" crap and focus more on teaching everyone (especially the younger ones) all the spiritual and amazing things that can come out of marijuana. that it's more than just "gett'n blazed" and going to taco bell and pissing of the cashier by ordering everything on the menu (yes, it sounds fun and funny but it seems kind of a childish thing to do) but instead we should focus on the psychedelic experiences and the calm peaceful feelings of love,peace, and unity with nature.

    i hope SOMEONE out there in the city agrees with me. well, just wanted to say whats been on my mind for quite a while.

    don't free the plant (yet), free the minds!
  2. I want to enjoy it but you think the masses couldn't handle it? Sounds wierd to me mate....I think it should be legalised like alcohol is...I think I should be able to grow it in my home or on my property...Have a little more faith in your fellow man..
  3. I understand where you're coming from but I disagree however, MJ has no where near the destructive potential that alchohol does. If alchohol is legal as a recreational drug for those 21 or older, then why can't MJ become legal for say 17-18 year olds to purchase?

    I believe that any American should be able to consume whatever mind-altering drug they want, so long as they are responsible when using it. As long as you don't physically harm anyone while youre intoxicated or force anyone else into taking a drug, it should be your choice.
  4. As far as I see things, if it were legalized (and this is a big if) it would be legal for people age 21 and over similar to alcohol. Similar rules would be enforced: no driving under the influence, no public toking, no selling to minors etc. People would be able to grow thier own (similar to people being able to brew themselves).

    Sure, initially people may be a bit crazy, but it would likely settle down as people use mostly for enjoyment.

    During prohibition in the US, alcohol related accidents and such were higher than when it was legal. (I don't have a source handy on this so correct me if I am wrong)

    Also, people will abuse anything that is possible to abuse. People sniff paint fumes to get high and can become addicted to that but we will obviously not ban paint. I know weed is a bit more used than paint but I personally don't find it to be that addictive of a substance(not like alcohol).

    The only thing I agree with about not legalizing it, is not to do it instantly. People will need time to accept and learn to be responsible. If the government legalized it tomarrow at a surprise press conference and it appeared in liquor/ganja stores later that day it would be a disaster, a mad frenzy. It might be a good thing to try a trial, say just one state, and see how thigns work out. Learn from that and fix things before legalizing it everywhere.

    I'm no expert on legalization, but those are my thoughts.

  5. Yes.
  6. I really do understand you, dude.

    I think that people are more than prepared for the experience of marijuana.

    There will be abuse no matter what. Alochol and tobacco and even tylonal are still abused, that's just the nature of ignorance in our society, that stems from human condition, not the lack of information or education.

    Everybody pulls different aspects of benefits from marijuana use and I can tell you that there are tons of users, even on here, that entirley neglect the spiritual aspect.

    The legalization of marijuana would be a subjective experience for everybody. I would love it, i would start growing and live my life how i truly want it, but some people would simply abuse it and neglect education or ignorance, there is no way around it.

    That's the nature of intoxication.

    The benefit is that it would no longer be a taboo in our society, we could talk about it openly on the news, in conversations. I already do this, I'm willing to talk to absolutley anybody about marijuana use and it's really invigurating, because everybody still does treat it like a taboo, when it shouldn't be.
  7. yea weather or not its illegal it will still be abused... however i think that if it was legal, i dont think that many more people would abuse it. while alcoholism is a problem in our society, its not a major thing that we have to worry about, and the majority of people are able to control their alcohol use. alcohol is a MUCH easier drug to abuse than marijuana... however there is something to be said about not legalizing marijuana...

    i always used to hate when people said "its cool cause its illegal". i always used to say that they were just ignorant and inmature. but about two weeks ago, i was at the local carnival that they do every june. i saw a kid who i had only met a few times before, and we were smoking every time. he said to me "i'm so high right now" and i said yea me too. he turned to his friend and said "i love this guy, give me a hug". we had a special connection because we were both high, that we only have because we've smoked together before.

    After that weekend, i went back to school the next day, and as i walked down the hallway i noticed how many people i had met just from smoking. we knew eachother through friends who smoked weed, and we had a special connection because of this. we are criminals because we choose to smoke pot, and while it may be an unjust law, we have a special connection that i dont think we would have had if weed was legal, and i doubt i would have met most of them if it was... so maybe there is something to be said about keeping it illegal. as of right now, i'm not really sure. i'll probably change my mind in a few weeks and say "legalize it" but theres somthing about it being illegal...
  8. I hear what you are saying but just ask the stoners who are in jail or have a criminal record for just having or using weed....ask someone who lost their job because they failed a piss test.....The only way to stop the abuse of otherwise lawabiding citizens is to legalize it....
  9. the legal status of cannabis causes more harm than good. have we learned nothing from the first prohibition?
  10. your 100% right. when i think about it, i'm pro legalization, but i was just bringing up that point... plus i should have mention i've never been in any trouble because of weed, so i shouldnt really be saying that. its just an interesting point, but its no reason to keep it illegal.
  11. who knows, maybe some people cant handle it, but its not the governments job to protect people from themselves, thats the peoples job. Anyway laws don't stop the people that cant handle it, they just get in their way
  12. anyone can smoke already, and it would save deaths from drug deals and shit
  13. i dont think anyone on this site will agree with you... and i dont think legalizing will make any difference on the amount of people using it , mayb at first more ppl will use it out of curiosity but i doubt that it will be a huge amount...

    other than that...why wouldyou not want it legalized? would be a hell of a lot less stressful knowing that you are not gonna get busted for smoking
  14. you stupid fuck!!! i dont need some twisted and corrupt government telling me what i may or may not put in my own body and neither does ANYONE else.:mad: how can you side with the enemy like that???
  15. QUOTE : During prohibition in the US, alcohol related accidents and such were higher than when it was legal. (I don't have a source handy on this so correct me if I am wrong)

    just like in the movie "the untouchables"

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