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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by leosmoke42087, Jul 13, 2004.


what do you think of this plan of mine?

  1. i am an eval mad man who smokes weed

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  2. im a genius and you want to help me

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  3. you just want to help me

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  4. or do you think that it should stay illegal

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  5. so that the government cannt tax it

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  1. legalize
    to all the bud smokers, hi im leo i belive that weed is a healer not a demond or evan a drug. we need to stop the insanity people. i have come up with a plan to legalize it in america its going to take alot of time and alot of effort to do this but it will work i know it. please belive me . say 500 people get togeather and save there seed for a year. say thats 20- 30 seeds for the average stress (dirt weed) smoker a day think of the numbers of seed we would save in a year. then on day say april 20 2006 we go plant them across all the major water ways in the us they would be screwed. it would become a natural plant thus making it legal. if your interested in it e-mail me
    thank you,
    and god bless leosmoken420sceance87

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  2. yet another stoner idea which, unfortunately, would not work. 500 people would just not be enough to try and have some sort of mass growing. We would be talking tens or hundreds of thousands of people to make any impact.
  3. your from the netherlands...and ur tryin to make weed legal in the u.s why????

    i smell something, and it stinks


    D.E.A hater
  4. hmhm overgrow the goverenment...everybody should jsut save theirbagseed and go sprinkle it round johnny applseed...,..
  5. not sure that will work
  6. Right now the United States of America are controlled by the religious right....fking bastards would never allow something like this to happen..they would probably have the military destroy all plants emidiatly
  7. no, horrible stoner idea. please tell me you were high when you wrote that post, it looks horrible, spelling is comical, and barly readable.

    lol you should have made a slot in the poll for "your a stupid stoner idiot"
  8. I really only voted in the poll out of pity. You've got the right idea, but the completely wrong way to do it.

    Fight it not through civil disobedience (that's what we've been doing for almost 70 years), but through the law. Vote, protest, demonstrate...but until it's in the lawbooks that pot is no longer illegal, it will be whether you like it or not.
  9. this be why im votin for kerry, bush is anti-weed all the way across the board, the only way we are going to get it legalized is if we get active and make the vote and then try and get the president to sign a bill for it. This isn't the mid-evil (sp) times where rebellion of the masses makes the government change its ways.
  10. if you did that they would just throw up a few hundred-thousand more cameras and point them where the majority of there pot plants are, then tape anyone who touches them and "crack down" on these law breakers... i still might work if we got a few thousand people from each state...

  11. what is kerry's stance on weed?

  12. its posted on the NORML web site that it doesnt concern him wether or not people do it, read about it on the NORML site for better info
  13. You guys do realize that the horrible mega-corporations would jump all over the fact that weed was legalized, if it were. Do you know what that means? Well, quite frankly, it means all these companies will buy up the rights to every strain you know and love. I don't know about you, but I sure as hell don't want Monsanto genetically engineering my marijuana! or Philip Morris owning the rights to the strains "northern lights" etc. Hell, they already own the rights to Acapulco Gold and Marley brand marijuana cigarettes, if it were to be legalized.

    Still, not having to fear persecution by law enforcement is quite enticing, and I probably would be more for legalization if I had a criminal record, but I don't. I've been blazing for 7 years and I've never got in legal trouble with it. Cheaper prices would ensue also, which is another great reason to be pro-legalization. I'm definitely pro-legalization myself, but I want us all to see both sides of the coin.

  14. just go back to your dealer lol you dont HAVE to buy from the major corps. only stupid people will, besides the corporations would only care for quantity not quality so it would all be shit weed.
  15. Yeah. If the majority of pot was manufactured and crappy, you could buy untampered-with strains. Also, if it was legal, you could grow it in your fucking backyard.
  16. highly doubtful^, that could be any where from 1 plant to a couple hundred depending on your yard size.The govt would NOT let all that marijuana be grown because thats something they cant tax, weed is so easy to grow, so many poeple would do it. thats a LOT of weed they wouldnt be able to tax..

    But by prohibiting growing it and making the coinsequences for growing it higher, then having large corporations producing it and packaging it, they can easily collect tax dollars from the U.S.


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