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Discussion in 'General' started by Punks Not Dead, Oct 7, 2003.


Do you want to legalize marijuana?

  1. Yes. I want to legalize marijuana.

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  2. I'm not sure if I do.

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  3. No. I'm totally against it. (I dont like these people)

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  1. If your like me and want pot legalized (I dont see why any of you wouldnt) check out It is an orgination dedicated to the legalization of marijuana. It is very simple and check it out.
  2. lol whos gonna vote no?? you only need one option
  3. hehe your welcome told.
  4. oops...forgot...with 1 option it wouldnt be a poll...and i really wanted to make a poll for some reason:D
  5. After reading that article you have a good point...but like I said on your site...I would rather pay taxes than go to jail or pay a fine (its a fine for first offense here if you have under a certain ammount...Im not sure the number) Plus I wouldnt have to worry about growing my own...and there would still be street dealers who would charge less than the gov't...
  6. i aint been here long and im starting to get annoyed with these threads
    this odviously wont be the last one tho :p
    to be fair i proberly made one :rolleyes:

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