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  1. I have created a group on Facebook to leaglize Mary jane. (one of the biggest sites on the net so I thought it was the best shot to get it world-wide.) I know it won't make much of a difference but I want the government to see that it's not a bad drug at all! I really hate them, they make alcohol legal (Yes, I do love alcohol.)
    Yet Mary doesn't kill people at a fraction of that. I'd say for every 100k people who die of alcohol, 5 die of Marijuana related-issues. See I didn't put they actually die of the marijuana, they die of cancer via the smoke etc. Yet they still don't legalize it.

    I know I may be a long shot off here but I think they won't legalize it 'cause they cannot tax it unlike alcohol and cigarettes.

    But anyway, I'm not sure if I'm aloud to link, but I'll post and if a mod/admin ect doesn't allow it please remove the link.

    Legalize Marijuana | Facebook

    Hopefully in my lifetime they will make it legal, so we can all get high together in celebration instead of hiding away like we're doing something terrible.

    But how can man say what's illegal and what's not when it was there before we even roamed this place. Anyway thanks for listening GC :D
  2. Totally original thinking

  3. Lol, I don't get you :S
  4. good idea! i cant believe no one else thought of that before.....
    also dude, no one has ever died from ganja at all. No study has ever shown increases in cancer related to pot. You should read a few books before you really start to be an activist for pot. Some prohibitionist dochebag is going to email you and you wont know what you are talking about.
  5. Login | Facebook

    has about 200x the amount of members that ur group has

    nice try though



    But wtf. Don't pull statistics out of ur ass either. Or you'll burn along with these guys... |
  7. u say the death rate is minimal on the info should change that to none.
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    Ofcourse people have died from cancer and shit. I ain't saying they can OD. Take your face out of your arse lol. You call me a douche wtf? Go and lick shit and die of aids.
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    First need to grow up. No need for the immaturity.

    Secondly, you shouldn't be creating a group on a website for a cause that you obviously don't have much knowledge in :rolleyes:

  10. Yes I do have knowledge. I just choose to hide behind my bowl.

  11. Check out the work of rick simpson and tell me it causes cancer
  12. LOL!!!! not you the op for saying there are 5 cancer related marijuana or w/e he said.
  13. You a troll, brah?

    Educate yourself.
  14. well.. except for that kid who swallowed the bag of weed and choked to death.. but thats more the bags fault i guess
  15. Actually I have to disagree, there is hundreds of legalization groups/pages on Facebook. Just search Marijuana, you won't find prohibition activists just a whole lot of people that want the same thing.
  16. What hope is there if even people on GRASSCITY believe marijuana kills?
  17. [​IMG]

  18. please refer to my post and read a book. you clearly have little understanding of cannabis health effects, nothing to be ashamed of, just recognize it and educate yourself. That is the mature thing to do, but judging by that last sentence id say maturity is not your department.

  19. I never said the actual marijuana kills. I said the smoke. Smoke cause cancer, lol.

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