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  1. Hey guys! I was just looking up stuff online about legalization of herb and it took me to this site. Well, my name is Jennifer and I live in Oklahoma. I'm actually working on a homework assignment for my American National Government class.... we have to write a letter to a member of Congress about any issue we have strong opinions towards. I, of course, chose to write about the legalization of miss mary jane. The problem is, I don't have enough facts about all the money that the government can make off of it. Plus, I don't have enough resources that have told me about the effects of decriminalization from other states. So I was hoping someone out there could help me out!! Since we are all shooting for the same thing, I figure everyone has their specific reasons & rationalizations for legalizing our medication. So I would appreciate it if ya'll could email me with your beliefs on why we should have marijuana legalized. Thank you guys!

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  2. Check out a site for starters, just went there myself, I'm a long time smoker, yet gained some info. on The Herb on one quick tirp! Good luck on your assignment. :hippie:
  3. You should also check out

    They have lots of useful info
  4. wait DO YOU SMOKE WEED ?

    to understand us you must become one of us

    Spark UP AMIGO !
  5. Lol, Just a lil toke honest. =)

  6. Hello, I would like to offer u some advice. Try and use alcohal as part of your defense. Alcohol has destroyed families, killed people, it totally controls the person who is a drinker and besides "the leaf" is used for medical reasons, There could be a reason the government dosn't want it to be legal. Most likely more people would start to smoke "the leaf". Then people would start to get up and notice what is happening all around us. Its truely unfortunit that we couldn't have gone in a different direction in soceity. That I suppose is neither here nor there. I wish u luck on your quest, and if theres anything I can say, I will.
    Oh yeah. the "Meaning of Life"
    That question has been asked for thousands of years and it all comes down to this.
    "It all begins with the most powerful emotion anyone has...LOVE... love has many roots and just as many branches and when u truely understand this tree of life u will then have your answer."

    Puff I'm gone! .Q.

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