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  1. Is it just me, or does everyone else think we need to legalize weed asap?!?!?

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    In time, there is discussion about national recreational legalization being on a ballot in 2016. Again, it's rumors.
    With DC now legalized recreational marijuana-
    "“It's right in their backyard. They'll get to see firsthand, not only is legalization not harmful, but it's actually beneficial to society." -NBC
  3. yeah long as we did not have ignorant fuckers like bill o rielly from fox news
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    You need to listen to Bill a bit more.  While he is definitely not for legalization, he does support decriminalization for small amounts. 
    While not the ideal situation, could you imagine a country where it is completely decriminalized (for me decrim means you can possess and grow personal amounts)?  I can and I think it would be a very good start.
  6. it doesnt matter what decrim means to you, what matters is what decriminalization means legally. typically under decrim you can still get arrested for paraphernalia (ie, the bag you have your weed in), growing is a felony with harsh minimum sentence, youre still hassled with the street dealers, etc etc.
    legalize it, preferably with shops. 
  7. Marijuana Should Be Legal All 50 States. I Personally Believe Anyone Who Has Never Smoked Weed Has A Hard Time Believing In The Herb. There's So Many Myths And Urban Legends That Stop People From Hearing The Truth. I Believe It Should Be Legal Recreational And Medicinally. This Prohibition Has Lasted Way Too Long. The Miracle Herb Has Been Subject To The Black Market Too Long. It's Almost 2015 we've Come A Long Way To Legalize A Plant That Is Used In Its Natural Form. A Herb That Is So Pure You Can Taste From Which It Derived. The Federal Government Won't Even Fund Research To Prove Its Worthiness To Be A Legal Plant To Possess In All 50 States Including DC. It's Sad Our Own Government Will Only Fund Study's To Prove The Bad In The Herb. To A Stoner It's Like Telling Someone Water Isn't Good For Them. To Me These Studies Are Just Trying To Provide Another Bogus Reason Why It Should Be Illegal. It's A Scam Our Government Knows The Cure To Cancer,Aids, Seizures, Nerve Disorders, Insomnia, Relaxation and Many More. For A "Drug" (And I Say That With Utter Remorse) That Anyone Can Use As Much As They Desire and Never Over Dose. This Is A Miracle Plant. This Is A Miracle Drug. Doctors Should Be Breaking Necks Trying To Fund Clinical Trials. Investors Should Be Buying Up Stock Up Like Crazy. A Plant That Can Be Produced Anywhere On The Planet. But Why Not? There Scared Because It's Illegal.They're Scared They're Gonna Get Arrested. They're Scared There Investments Will Be Confiscated By The Government. We The People, The Voice Of Marijuana Need To Educate The General Public With The Truth. No More Urban Legends And Myths. No More Parents Raising Their Children Believing This Plant Is The Same As A Hard Drug Like Crack Or Coke, Meth. The World Is Constantly Changing And This Prohibition Has Never Changed. We Need To Be The United Nation Of America.

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  8. Honestly, dude if we could possess small amounts of bud, that'd be legit as all hell!!!! Haha

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  9. Fuck I never thought about it like that before. You're on to something there, dude,
  10. Why thank you, kind sir :)

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    I am talking true decim.  No penalties whatsoever for possession of small amounts of bud, paraphernalia, growing etc.  Having a bag of weed in your pocket would be the same as having some chapstick.
  12. Agreed couldn't have said it better myself. To Possess A Plant So Pure Yet So Powerful. What Happens When You Take The Power Away From It? Your Left With The Purist Medicine Known To Man. The Poor Will Have A Way Out. The Feds Wont Have Another Tax Reform To Make Money Off Of. Weed Will Be Just Another Commodity.

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  13. 1: Rhode Island makes cannabis possession and cannabis use legal
    2: The USA makes cannabis possession and cannabis use legal
    My list of priorities.
  14. I like the how Cali has it now Medical> Legalized
  16. The state of things makes me mad literally every goddamn day.
  17. the ever ending debate.  Predictions are as soon as the old die off it will be legalized. Kinda fucked up but looking statistically it stays true... The younger generations I think are like 60/40 or 70/30 for it.  For the older generations its pretty much reversed.  In due time it will be.
  18. someone help me understand this, if the white house approves marijuana does that mean every congress in 50 states will have to approve it as well?
  19. It doesn't really work like that. Obama could order the DEA to reschedule marijuana, but it's up to the U.S. Congress to determine what drugs are and aren't legal.

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