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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by iMarihuana, May 11, 2011.

  1. Today ive seen about three threads on the topic of legalization. So I was thinking, what would the world of weed be like if it is legalized? Will there be alot of stores for it? Will it be age restricted? And my personal favorite, will stoners still be in our own little 'secret society'? We all tend to treat fellow stoners with respect and almost instantly have our own little connection (at least this is how I feel upwards other stoners)

    So what do you guys think life would be like? Post responses!
  2. Pretty sure it will be a lot like it is in Colorado and other medical states. They will have storefronts selling it, and I'm sure it will be age restricted 18+. We'll always have our own 'secret society' because we can't talk to other people about lab mice shoveling plans of world domination to us.

    However, that is still a long way off. As unfortunate as it sounds, the older generation has to die before that will happen.
  3. Yeah. I agree with you on all of that. I think once the "reefer madness" generation dies out it will be legalized quick. Luckily I'm young so I pray I'll see the day!
  4. Well I believe that legalization probably wouldn't happen anytime soon, but at first it would be pretty chaotic.

    I'd imagine you'd need to be 18 or 21 obviously, and it would eventually be sold in walgreens after a few years of legalization (absolutely legal, not MMJ)

    All the stoners would unite and go to your local walgreens or shop and buy them like cigarettes.

    The stigma behind them (which is mostly caused by government propaganda) would probably change, and more "general" people would start to use it.

    After a decade or so, the entire marijuana community would most likely be different, with a different attitude as well.
  5. I never thought I'd see medical marijuana, so at the very least we are already seeing a shift. However, I predicted The Great Marijuana War of 2012, I have a feeling this is going to coincide with legalization...But according to my prediction, we're all going to be dead anyway.

    I have spoken...
  6. I appreciate your speaking and input. You a 2012 freak? Or do you just think were all gonna die lol
  7. I wouldn't need to go to the store and buy what I can grow myself!
  8. I believe if it is legalized worldwide, MANY fast food companies are going to make even more millions.I also believe the world would be a lot more chill than it is now.
  9. I actually kind of hope we all die, 2012 is bullshit, I just use the date because it tends to instill an 'end of the world' fear in most.:cool:
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    Holy shit! I never once thought about fast food places selling weed products! I would like to get like a weed apple pie or something along those lines next time i order from mc Donalds bahaha
  11. Sonic would have to change their name to "Cronic."
  12. The only change is the hippies won't be shutting up about it for years.
  13. " As unfortunate as it sounds, the older generation has to die before that will happen."

    Oscar, I strongly disagree! What sane person, especially an aging one, wouldn't want to learn more after reading these?

    Marijuana Slows Alzheimer's Decline (news - 2005)
    [FONT=&quot]Europe: Study: Marijuana Slows Alzheimer's Decline

    CN BC: Expert Testifies Cannabis Helps Slow Aging (news - 2008)
    CN BC: Expert Testifies Cannabis Helps Slow Aging

    Medical marijuana news. Cannabidiol stops the spread of breast cancer.
    (news - 2010)

    Active Ingredient in Marijuana Kills Brain Cancer Cells (news - 2009)
    Active Ingredient in Marijuana Kills Brain Cancer Cells - US News and World Report

    Marijuana Cuts Lung Cancer Tumor Growth In Half, Study Shows (news - 2007)
    [FONT=&quot]Marijuana Cuts Lung Cancer Tumor Growth In Half, Study Shows[/FONT]

    Active cannabis chemicals halt prostate cancer cell growth (news - 2009)
    Active cannabis chemicals halt prostate cancer cell growth

    Hebrew U. Researchers Find Cannabis Can Strengthen Bones (news - 2006)
    [FONT=&quot] Hebrew U. Researchers Find Cannabis Can Strengthen Bones - Good News - Israel News - Israel National News[/FONT]

    Cannabis could relieve rheumatoid arthritis pain (news - 2005)
    [FONT=&quot]Cannabis could relieve rheumatoid arthritis pain - Health News, Health & Families - The Independent[/FONT]

    Cannabinoids Attenuate the Effects of Aging Upon Neuroinflammation and Neurogenesis. (abst - 2008)

    Cannabis' Potential Exciting Researchers in Treatment of ALS, Parkinson's Disease (news - 2007)

    Study Confirms That Cannabis Is Beneficial for Multiple Sclerosis (news - 2009)
    Study confirms that cannabis is beneficial for multiple sclerosis

    Smoking dope restored my sight (news/anecdotal - 1998)
    BBC News | Health | Smoking dope restored my sight

    Marijuana compound could prevent eye damage in diabetics (news - 2006)
    [FONT=&quot]Marijuana compound could prevent eye damage in diabetics: The Hempire - [cannabis, hemp][/FONT]

    The aging population doesn't know these things about cannabis and they bought into the government's lies! WE have to educate our families and give them the facts- not wait for them to DIE! My List (that first link in my sig) is filled with articles and the medical studies they are based on. Just click that first link and read!

    Old "Uncle Charlie" may never vote for recreational use, but an easy-to-grow, effective pain-killer, that may kill cancer cells? THAT might get his attention!

    And the post office does not require return addresses on envelopes. Most abstracts and news articles are "one pagers". A stamp will send 5 pages. EDUCATE!!! [​IMG]
  14. While I absolutely love the wealth of information you present just in your signature alone, the truth of it is that the information given to some of these people either won't register or they'll simply not read it opting instead for what they've been taught over the last 50 years. The harsh reality of it is that a good chunk of the 60's and 70's generation is that outside of the counter-culture, most people believed their government.

    Beliefs are one of the most difficult things to conquer.

  15. I Love You.
  16. When marijuana is legal and readily available, I predict that for the first little while it will be chic for even the most straight laced people to have fancy little 'Marijuana parties' where men in business suits and women in cocktail dresses will smoke up for the first time and start giggling like twelve year olds about how 'naughty' they're being. :rolleyes:
  17. I hope it does happen. Can you imagine 4/20? It would be craaaazy.
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    I don't think I can imagine the magnitude of 420 If bud was legal

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