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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by weedlivesforme, Nov 9, 2012.

  1. so as many of you know pot is now recreationally legal in washington and colorado, what im wondering is, how would it be sold in washington, and when is the date they start selling, cause right now its still illegal, and would they sell it in a gas station or grocery store like normal or in an individual shop
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    Washington Initiative 502 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    All of the rules for sales haven't been ironed out yet...
  3. :hello:it would be sold in grams
  4. All this legalization talk is making me excited! :smoke:
  5. I wish i lived where weed was legal!!!!!!! why can't they just legalize it in every state man this sux, anyone know when it'll be legal in new jersey??? or at least new york??
  6. I'm sort of mad that Massachusetts went for the Medical and not just straight up legalization. The ONLY reasons for No on the ballet were that people were going to smoke it recreationally. They never said that people were going to have anything bad happen to them, (which I know that there's really not that much that weed does to you negatively) but it's funny that they really have no argument against it, and yet it's still illegal. It's amazing how much money controls the law.
  7. the even better thing now is ive noticed a 3$ drop per gram, so now im getting my high qualities for only 7$ a gram cause its gonna be sold in stores in a little while, too bad im only 19 and i have to be 21 to buy from stores, in a couple years im going to get a farming license for weed and hope the feds dont start raiding people because it breaks federal law
  8. first of all youd have to get 200,000+ signatures for a initiative to be made then theyd vote on it and the rest is in the voters hands, the last time i checked new jersey was against marijuana? in washington like 4/5 of the map was grey for no and 1/5 green for yes and im like wtf how did it pass
  9. The law doesn't go into effect until December 6th, and they have something like a year to iron out all the various rules and legalities when it comes to growers/sellers licenses and such.

    Also note that the Washington law requires you to be 21 or older, in possession of no more than an ounce, and I think (from pre-election sources about the bill) that smoking in public is still not legal.
  10. Weed will only be allowed to be purchased in government certified stores. Will be a long time before you see it at 7-11.

    TBH being a medical patient is probably the best. Having

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