Legalization vs Decriminalization

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    I noticed there was no thread about the difference between Legalization and Decriminalization. I'll do my best to be unbiased. What do you think? Which would you rather have?


    Legalization: to make legal; authorize.

    Legalization is the process of removing a legal prohibition against something which is currently not legal. Legalization is a process often applied to what are regarded, by those working towards legalization, as victimless crimes.

    "A system that allows the use and sale of drugs to adults under a system of regulation such as pertains to alcohol or perhaps involving licenses. Many suggest there would be a ban on advertising and public use. If the alcohol model prevailed, different states might vary the regulatory structure and legality might also be limited by local option to specific areas within a state." Drug Policy Forum of Texas

    • You can produce and smoke your own (with a permit possibly)
    • You wont be fined for possession
    • Will be available upon request
    • The economy will improve (very vague, but it's a huge subject)
    • People will be released from jail
    • No Pee tests for your Job (for marijuana, will still test for others I'm sure)
    • Hopefully we would put some research into all the medical and enviromental benefits that hemp and marijuana can do for us.

    • There would be a ban on home grown selling
    • The government would be more concerned about big business than the farmer
    • Age Limit
    • They might JUST legalize Medical Marijuana, not every day use.


    Decriminalization: to eliminate criminal penalties for or remove legal restrictions against.

    Decriminalization is the abolition of criminal penalties in relation to certain acts, perhaps retroactively, though perhaps regulated permits or fines might still apply. Decriminalization reflects changing social and moral views. A society may come to the view that an act is not harmful, should no longer be criminalized, or is otherwise not a matter to be addressed by the criminal justice system. While decriminalized acts are no longer crimes, they may still be the subject of penalties; for example a monetary fine in place of a criminal charge for the possession of a decriminalized drug. So it becomes like getting a speeding ticket.

    • Things continue as they are now, it becomes more like a speeding ticket. It may or may not be confiscated.
    • You wont go to jail, after a few offenses I'm sure a judge might make you go to rehab.
    • Decriminalization benefits growers more than the consumers.
    • Jobs would still pee test you, just not as much as they do now.
    • "Criminals" will be released for jail, depending on their offense, and others will be able to have another trial. So it still benefits our economy in a smaller way.
    • Technically, age woudln't matter. You get in trouble no matter what.
    • Big business/Companys wouldn't be able to benefit from it.

    • You still have to hide it.
    • You'll still get a fine and get your weed confinscated. Or the other way around, get your weed confinscated, but no fine.
    • It won't be available at the stores.
    • No research into the enviromental/economic benefits.
    • Keeps money int he black market.
    • Pretty much the same downfalls we have now.

    I figured I'd keep it short and sweet to hold your attention. The pros and cons were things I assumed with each scenario. I'm sure there are more for both sides and that some of the things I came up with could be tweeked.

    My opinion? Legalize Medical Marijuana, let big businesses deal with HEMP, and decriminalize recreational use.

    I mean when it comes to legalization, what are the rules that we want? Age Limit? Will it be like alcohol? What will the rules be for the farmers/"grow-ops"? Do we want it legal just because we want to stop hiding it? What does it MEAN for it to be legalized? or decriminalized?

  2. MJ is decriminalized in CA.. and your life can be utterly destroyed by getting caught with it if you live here. Decriminalization is a band aid. The peoples right to use a substance like MJ, combined with the Hemp uses, far out weight any arguments in favor of decrim. only
  3. i agree with legalizing medicanal and decriminalizing the recreational. its a very good idea, and probobly the most effecient and peaceful way of dealing with this issue
  4. yeah its more peaceful, but complete legalization is far more beneficial. 1 keeps people out of jails, 2 Gov't gets money, businesses start up and more businesses= more jobs...
  5. I for legalization all the way!
    To me decrim is just another way to continue to marginalize portions of our society. I just got back from San Fran and under legal med/decrimed personal this is what I saw. Every street dealer I bought from (and there were several hahaha) got there weed from a dispensary and was selling it to the poor and tourists. Ridiculous!
    But +rep for your efforts and your post.
  6. I know everyone is going to jump on the legalization train because yes, it will benefit us. I know we have economic improvement on our side. But, do we really want the government and big business regulating and controlling our weed?

    I know theres a fellow stoner out there who can see that before we ALL get gung-ho about legalization, lets take a step back and say what we expect once it's taxed.


    Legalization IS the way to go. I know this. But I'm not sure if I'm 100% comfortable with legalization yet. Sure it willbe great to have it available like alchohol. But it's a plant, a seed. Farmers already have so much trouble with just fruits and vegetables. Soy beans. What will happen with marijuana? and how can we prevent it?
  7. yeah i know what you mean. if it fucks things up like start usin schwag and shit fuck that, but if i can go to a store and buy a pack of some danky ass prerolled kush joints, im all for it:smoking:
    and it wouldnt stop gettin it from dealers and stuff cuz they'll still be'll make weed that much more easy to get ahold of unless dealing laws get stricter?
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    1st off , I dont think gov is going to control weed except to the extent they "control" alcohol. They get their "cut".. thats it.

    I m not worried about big business.... hopefully some day we get to worry that big business is messing up our weed with their flooding the market with cheep killer weed. :smoking:.

    There will always be a bigger connoisseur type market with mj and a great variety than with wine or microbreweries... so no worries
  9. Honestly, here is the biggest problem I see with legalization:
    Hemp pollen. Once legalized the hemp industry will explode and large stands of hemp will span the country releasing mass amounts of thc-free genetics into the lower atmosphere. This would also make it difficult to grow drug strains outdoors with out it going to seed. Anyone have any hardcore data on how this has played out in countries that cultivate hemp? Are my thoughts on this wrong?
  10. Yeah, if it's legalized I'm sure you will have to get a permit to become a grower/farmer. FDA will come in and inspect, like they do now. There will be strict rules and things for growers/farmers to follow. And a permit will be expensive and hard to obtain and easy to lose. Then theres a question of will the farmers be the ones selling the seeds? Or will there be a mass company that comes up with some genetically modified seed that it owns and sells? Monsanto owns the soybean and pretty much OWNS every farmer out there. I'd just hate to see the same thing happen to my peaceful marijuana that's happening to regular farmers who just grow corn.

    Id love to go to a store like a dispensery, tell them the kind bud I want, and buy. Oh hell yes! lol. Or fuel my car with hemp, while I'm inside buying a pack of joints.

    We just never ask ourselfs, what are the rules gonna be once it's legal?
  11. Well, I guess it depends on how much the government legalizes it. If they legalize growing for personal use, then how could they tax it? They can't control plants you grow in your own home.

    People will always sell seeds. Monsanto can't take all of them away. However, in order to prevent Monsanto from controlling popular marijuana seeds, we'd have to change laws other than the drug laws.
  12. Exactly! I just want people to be aware, when we legalize, make SURE you're buying from farmers/growers who use their own seeds from their own natural/organic homegrown plants. Not the big business.
  13. Oh man I'm sorry. I started munchin and I left my computer lol! ..

    But yeah, wow. See that would suck. We're so eager to get it legalized, or at least something legalized... but what happens when we do?

    Thank you for posting this, I really enjoyed reading it.
  14. Haha, no worries, it happens to the best of us.
  15. all out legalization is one of the best things that can be done for the US, and the rest of the world. It would in fact boost the economies everywhere, plus major positive changes in health nutrition and less impact on nature. I mean it seems like there isnt a facet of our life as americans that wouldnt be improved by hemps legalization. But, in your cons for legalization you say that "you wont get pee tested for your job" this is false. Even though alcohol is legal, it is still a requirement that employees in many places cannot be intoxicated. For example, operating machinery, driving, obviously anyone in the health field, but the point is, those policies will be largely impelemented by the employers and NOT the federal/state governments. It would be a private thing. Like okay you wanna be high at work? that fine with us, its just you wont be able to work here like that. end of story. The police may get involved if someone is in a position to hurt someone such as driving a vehicle and OUI. all out legalization on hemp is what im in favor of, even though it would kill local dealers out struggling to make it.

  16. I agree it would be the best thing. Oh yes. If we have the ability to fix this country and the answer is weed, wouldn't that just be perfectly ironic?

    When I said you won't get pee tested at work, I meant that when you start a job they always give you about 24 to 48 hours to go to a clinic, pee, and see if you have any illegal drugs in your system before you start working there. They would just take marijuana off the list of things to keep you from getting a job. If you choose to be high/drunk at work, that's your risk and your choice, and you're liable to get fired lol. I mean, not like being high at work would really hinders your ability besides just zoning out and not answering the phone when it rings. Drunk at work is much more of a liability to me but companys have a right to make sure you're not impared when you're on the clock. They just won't have the right to get rid of you anymore because you smoke it on your free time.

    do you mean hemp as in a name reference to marijuana? like ganja? or do you mean hemp as in what we would use for the food, necklaces, shirt, fuel ect. ?
  17. yeah that would be pretty dam ironic. and i get yanow about the pee testing. In regards to me saying hemp, it was not a mistkae. Hemp is marijuana, but marijuana was a slang word given to the hemp plant by harry anslinger (the first head of the DEA) in order to demonize it. Mexicans called hemp "marijuana" and at first, pot was made illegal for the mexicans in order to control the population in the southern mexican border states. then it spun out of control as a way to keep thriving less efficient less wholesome industries afloat (coal oil textile plus many more). since ansligner was put in office by the wealthy coal/oil barons(forget hich ones it actually was), he did as he was told.
  18. legalize for an easy win when looking at pros and cons for both. decriminalized to me is still illegal and not respected industry like it should be. don't just settle for that, i want to be able to grown my own someday and share it with everybody. comparing each others plants taking notes and giving constructive critisim or praise. being able to share what we all grown, with your friends and making tasty edibles will be more realistic with more ganja.

    shit one day maybe there will be a website where you can make your own strain based on crosses you want in it and someone experienced with that will make it for ya and then you can name it

    I can see it now.:rolleyes::smoking::D

  19. Why? There's no such ban on growing tobacco or brewing alcohol afaik(except for safety issues with the latter)

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