Legalization support reaches all-time high

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    "It was the first time in the survey that the number of people favoring legalization was higher than those opposed."

    Field Notes - Support for legalizing pot hits all-time high

    I think its safe to say we just turned onto the home stretch for legalization. Gettin there, baby steps though.

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  2. Polls are generally meaningless.

    Polls vary and change everyday. Each poll produces a different result for the
    same survey.

    The information they produce regarding statistics are
    not always accurate.

    Who knows? Maybe next year or even next month, the results would
    show that more Americans are against legalizing pot.

    These polls are extremely easy to manipulate by the organizations running the polls.
    They are not reliable.

    Sorry, but you have to look at the facts and at history.
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    The fact of history is that this has never happened before. Even if the poll itself is meaningless, the message is very clear. Just having a source as big as Gallup publish something like this is huge.

    Remember, television commercials are largely meaningless. I mean, seriously, how many times have you busted open a Miller Light in a bar and had a women's beach volleyball game kick off, in the snow, with scantily clad females all around you? You haven't.

    That was one of Miller's most successful commercials, believe it or not.

    This kind of thing has the meaning we, and others, give to it. As a talking point and a fact for debate, this "endorsement" by Gallup is huge. We will make good use of it.

  4. polls mean everything. politicians need the courage to make change. courage comes through public support. And seeing that anti pot people are in the minority might make those people rethink their position.

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