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Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by mejohnboy420, Apr 22, 2004.


Do u want to legalize marijuana?

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  1. To all who are wanting to leagalize weed in the United States give me a Shoutout Peace!!!
  2. I think those who really want to get high should be able to like alcholics get beer. Get it from da store and be able to smoke without controversy.

  3. I think we'd all like legalization, lol. Welcome to the City, :wave: I'm moving this from the Introduce yourself forum to the Legalization and Activism forum.
  4. well with marijuana illegal ...........and people still wanting to get high...........

    heroin is making a HUGE comeback in America.

    should heroin be legal too ?

    Don't waste your time on the legalization/decriminalization issues...............

    Just get better at what you are already doing.
  5. good luck with that philosophy.


    I will just hide in the smoke my herb.

    Not much alternative in America.
  6. been there done that whole "write your congressman bullcrap."

    total waste of time and energy.

    moderating discussion groups.............waste of time.

    attending rallys................waste of time ,and possibly dangerous.

    Folks in America who wish to continue enjoying the benefits of marijuana need to stay "in the closet".

    If anything use your energy ,to get better at scoring herb from as many different sources as possible.

    The legalization/decriminalization issue really is long dead in the USA.

  7. Huh, you bastard. What about us outside the US lol?

    Nah, just kidding. I mean if we you americans actually would get weed legalized, I'm pretty sure Europe would follow yer example quite yeah...peace out

    toke on

  8. Not to mention lil John Howard would follow too....hes just a lap dog...usa goes to war with iraq...bush asks howard to jump...howard does a back flip witha pike

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