Legalization predictions for the 2022 US midterm elections?

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    Legalization is on the ballot in Maryland, Arkansas, Missouri, North Dakota, and South Dakota this November. Advocates are mostly doing a red state blitz with legalization efforts this election cycle as all of these states, except for Maryland are Republican strongholds. It’s also interesting that medical cannabis is not on the ballot at all in this election cycle, only recreational. What ones do you think will pass and what ones do you expect to fail?

    My analysis:

    Maryland is a slam dunk, it’s a Democrat stronghold and support for legalization is red hot there. Nothing more needs to be said.

    Arkansas is currently engaged in a court battle over the merits of the legalization initiative because a legal challenge claims that it is misleading to voters. As of lately, that’s been the prohibitionists’ newest strategy, sue to get legalization bills invalidated and it actually worked in South Dakota after voters had approved it in the 2020 election. So even if legalization passes in Arkansas, there’s actually no guarantee that it will go into effect because it’s all contingent on the outcome of this legal challenge. But support for the ballot initiative seems to be high as of recent polling, I think it will pass but who knows if it will actually be allowed to take effect.

    There’s a lot of division over the legalization initiative in Missouri because of claims that it provides for a corporate monopoly of the Missouri cannabis industry, I think its gonna be a very close race there no matter what the outcome is.

    South Dakota is a tossup to me because available polling from months ago didn’t look too promising, but voters there might be angry about their 2020 decision to legalize being invalidated by the government on the other hand, so that anger and motivation could get it across the finish line.

    North Dakota seems to have among the lowest level of support for legalization in the whole country and legalization has already been voted down there not too long ago, I predict that legalization falls short again in North Dakota.
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  2. Very interesting. I always though VA would be one of the last states to legalize, but our Democratic Governor got it done.
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  3. Well hope after I moved from virginia to west virginia and of course va. legalized it to a point when I moved. So still trying for medical use here now. There computer system is so antique they use probably a wholedifferent system for gov.
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  4. To OP, I agree, MAryland is likely to be a slam dunk, I work from Cumberland to Baltimore and with DC and VA on board, they are just leaving money on the table to not tax and legalize.

    @LemonBud I feel you on WV, often amazes me how many people work in Leesburg or Northern VA, that drive in from Martinsburg, Charles Town, or even beyond the panhandle to get that sweet sweet northern VA job money, while living in WV to avoid paying the higher taxes here (or avoid zoning, check out google maps 10539 Winchester Ave, Bunker Hill, WV 25413, street view, Good old Berkeley County WV letting the foxy lady gentlemen's club (full nude 24 hours with alcohol service) located adjacent to Bunker hill Elem school. the building between the nude club and the school used to be a sex toy shop, then a hobby shop, currently out of business.)

    Also, eff WV and John Denver for cultural appropriation of my Shenandoah homeland

    As someone with several family members in WV, they may get medical soon (state's disproportionately full of old people who needed somewhere cheap to retire.) I think they will be among the last to legalize otherwise, I would expect no less from one of the largest welfar states in the nation where the rank and file often loudly walk around complain about "big govt" when 35% of the entire states budget is funded by handouts from the federal govt West Virginia state budget and finances) and almost 1 in 5 (18.4%) of the states children live below the poverty line.

    As for Virginia,
    something of.jpg
    Interestingly enough, in 2021 VA legislature passed SB 1406, allowing possession of up to an ounce by adults of legal age, as well as "adult sharing" of up to 1 ounce between adults of legal age.

    This bill was pushed forward by Ralph Northam, our former Gov and a pediatric neurologist, approved in the lower chamber along strictly partisan lines, with not a single republican legislator voting yes
    Virginia SB1406 | 2021 | 1st Special Session

    The senate then got tied up 20-20, with our Lt. Governor (democrat Justin Fairfax under Gov, Ralph Northam) breaking the deadlock to make us the first state in the "South" to decriminalize.
    Virginia SB1406 | 2021 | 1st Special Session

    (funny how as VA gets blue-er, less and less people consider the state that housed the capitol of the confederacy, to be the south. Something something no true Scottsman fallacy....look it up...etc....)

    After Youngkin (R) won the governors race (Northam was term limited and could not run again) in 2022 the following things happened:

    In April 2022 (less than 3 months after being sworn in) Youngkin lobbied the legislature to pass SB 519, which would have made possession of more than 2 ounces of cannabis a crime punishable by up to 6 months in jail. (at the time, possession of over 1 ounce, but less than 4 ounces was a civil penalty $25 first offense)

    The democratic majority state senate defeated the bill thankfully, (republicans also took the VA house by a few seats when Youngkin was elected)

    Not saying Northam was a saint, he had his share of Justin Trudeau blackface moments among other scandals, but to me, I seem to see a correlation, between Northam (a veteran, pediatrician) and Youngkin (A Northern VA millionaire investment banker) and their subsequent parties.

    In Virginia at least, full legalization and sale of cannabis appears to be 100% held up by republicans in our state as evidenced in the voting record links above.

    Vote for the issues you care about, and be aware of the larger picture of what these politicians want to bring, but make no mistake, if you vote R in Virginia, you are voting against cannabis. (Maybe you are also supposed to be in the 35%+ tax bracket like myself and Youngkin, even though most of our investments are actually taxed at 20% and want to keep the good times rolling, maybe keeping rich people rich is whats most important to you, don't worry we'll make sure a few crumbs trickle down).

    While I have far too many skeletons in my closet to ever run for office, I do actively campaign against our local state legislators who opposed this (I live in a pretty red part of Virginia), and support those who would promulgate sensible cannabis laws for our state regardless of political affiliation. (Tony Wilt and Chris Runion are the two delegates I'd like to lose their seats on the state legislature next cycle, and who our group is lobbying against most directly currently at the state level)

    I'd prefer for my own choice, to maybe be liable for a little more taxes, so that EVERYONE in Va who wants to partake in cannabis, can do so without fear of civil or criminal penalties.

    While my primary focus has been on lobbying for federal legislation and I spend a lot of time in DC for work, as a Virginia resident I just felt it incumbent upon me to lay out the facts on how VA got to where it is now cannabis legislation wise, obviously, there is plenty of debate to be had on the various other policy differences between our current Governor and our former, so much so that it would be beyond the scope of a simple shitpost, its ok though, I have a permit for this.



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  5. Herself is from West Virginia… Good place to be from,,, far away from…

    Here in Minnesota medical cannabis is legal, and hemp sourced THC is legal, but Republicans have thus far blocked legalized cannabis for recreational use… The majority of citizens support legalization, but it ain’t happening until Republicans say it’s happening…

    No real worries though,,, cannabis is decriminalized and available everywhere…
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  6. Ohio had recreational on the ballot 2-3 years ago, it lost and we haven't heard even a peep since then. Strange. I actually voted against it because it was a horribly written law designed to make a very, very few people rich and did almost nothing for the average person on the street. No home grow, only 6 "Authorized grow facilities", restricted almost as much as illegal in every other way. Just a bad law that wasn't worth voting for. Maybe next year? I do get tired of saying maybe next year though.
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  7. Here in the Heart of Dixie they've surprisingly approved (but not yet instituted) medicinal but only for manufactured products - no natural form. I fully expect to see the Bible Thumping legislators invent some rationale to rescind this.
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    You don't hear "The Heart of Dixie" any more. I'm from Mobile, originally, and I have a sister down there who uses medically. I hope AL gets with it and gets y'all some products. It took us (VA) awhile to get rolling. I waited for years for a dispensary. and now that it's legal there's still no place to buy.. I was in the dispensary the other day and three people showed up without medical cards hoping to make a purchase.
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  9. With both my parents growing up in LA and relocated here thru my dad's military career, I've never felt at home. The wife's family is born and bred (technically hillbillies) and carry Jesus, Hank, and Elvis in their back pocket. Her attachment to them (even though she finally stopped going to reunions) has always eliminated any chance to relocate.
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  10. The South is about to be fucked if they don't get on board with legalization, Kentucky Boy here. every state that has some sort of legalization is looking to Kentucky to expand their operations. Kentucky is maybe not the biggest producer, but they are the central hub and transportation capital of the world. currently located in Michigan (where i was born and raised till 17). Michigan messed up with pot a few years ago and it went to cooperate run. i am telling you all, KY AND TN need to flip and take control before its all fucked... With Amazon chopping at the transportation network, its about to be bad, really bad. Amazon is building too many warehouses all over the country to then sell off... they are starting to get into growing... i am telling ya'll.... 26 Days till election days yall. if shit is not thought about. the Pharma and Cooperate Weed will take over. being in the motor city right now, all i see is cooperate offices that are un manned and ready for mass scale production.

    the issue with the legalization of pot is people who have been persecuted over it for years want in and they only have dirty money... they need need people to wash it man.. the sick part is with the right people voted in in 26 days, will then have two years to get a plan to get the clean market and dirty market on board for a universal plan to keep it out of the government and cooperate hands. people need to have C-Corps and those people elected in.

    the next big issue is you are legalizing pot while everyone who is for "legal" street drugs starts fucking every other market. so there needs to be a plan to legalize or decriminalize most drugs. you take away the governments power to persecute the citizens for HANDLING THIER CURRENT VICES CASUE WHO AM I TO SAY THEY ARE FUCKED UP WHEN I WANT TO SMOKE POT OPENLY.

    the pot legalization though is unfortunately the main issue with legalization......

    as we sit here right now, there is a generational battle the is about to take place, i am 30, and its where the cash flow is at. for instance my parents have been raised on a stable stock market after watching their parents recover from the depression.

    and now you have these fucking 40 year olds and younger who are hooked up on this crypto shit because they never though that Bit Coin would actually become something and it did. now that they are realizing that they may actually be able to control the banking market they are getting greedy. sick part is the will be fucked if they do not listen to the older gyrations. BECAUSE The stock market is the only place that physical cash can be switched to Bit Coin over generations.

    now these are only a few of the issues that legal weed brings. it is sooooo much bigger than just plant the shit and party like its the 90's...

    with this "new" clean market, it is getting vicious and bullshit. being in KY for the past 12 years, i know they want it, they have been fucked by meth and coke for far too long, along with big Pharma.

    Kentucky controls this new market and people dont understand it, and its literally due to TRANSPORTATION. it is literally the HUB for the country.

    its sad, i came back to michigan to learn what the legal game is with weed. massive advocate for it. for Kentucky. and i am literally ready to run back to them and to tell them the fucking read coats are coming.... cause they are about to be so fucked... and they dont realize it.. some do, most dont...

    most in KY know me as the Ford guy due to ink. and they listen when i talk. cause i tell you what, KY is done getting fucked. especially the people. WE are the Minute Men for a reason.

    Kentucky, i am telling you, outsiders are trying to come in and fuck you all. WAKE THE FUCK UP!
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  11. the south can own the pot trade if WV, KY, TN lock down the pot. cops need to look at all the travel trailers and rental cars. if they were to stop the trade in Huntington, Louisville, and Nashville. they would hands down own the street trade. while cleaning out UPS and FedEX, aided by USPS most pot trade by car would be shut down and create a logistical nightmare cause then they only have back roads to take were the locals then take down the out of town'ers.

    the issue with the south drying everyone out is the fact the money that they the rely on for that little extra income will destroy them.

    it needs to happen though because of what cooperate companies will do if they are to take over.

    the sheep of the south are what will kill getting control back to the farmers and the people.

    people highly highly highly doubt the strength of that trifecta of states.

    sooo many markets are changing, which leaves opportunity for change, and if this change goes to the wrong hands it will keep the current political system going.

    one thing is people are not understand is what's going on in the news is an illusion. its all an illusion.

    pots biggest threat is tobacco and tobacco's biggest threat is pot.

    pot needs a system like how tobacco is. how prices are controlled is the key, that control cannot go to the government or you will have the same issues as tobacco. where farmers are destroying crop to make ends meet and taking the insurance claim or being run out due to costs off production.

    current political powers wants the control of new and emerging international and national trade. if people are to look at current politicians, you need to follow their portfolios and the dick head lobbyist. cause the lobbyist are the ones sucking on the dicks and clits of those in office. literally anyone attached to a republican or democrat is that threat.

    independent and military is what needs to be pushed into office over the next election and in two years when the presidential election comes around.

    military needs to be pushed in to office cause we are all disabled, love pot and the government already pays us.

    think about this, you elect people who already get paid at a modest rate (meaning no more than the hard working person standing next to them), why would we need to be paid to by the people we represent? think of all those federal dollars that flow into peoples pockets like pelosi and AOC who are taking you for a ride already and that money goes right back into true government programs for the people or into infurstlucter that is needed?

    literally voting in military will kill lobbying and lobbyist control of the political system.

    i say this because most of us military folk where chewed up, spit out, and forgotten by the system... AND WE ALL HATE IT.

    take me for instance, i am on the verge of registering for un employability due to not being able to conform back to society and i will be sitting on my ass collecting over 65K a year due to this. what else should i do with my time other than represent my fellow man and i wouldn't even need pay from a government position to do the job cause im all ready so bored and just want to work to improve something....

    the military has been the filtering system for those who should be in office for years, but the money took over and corrupted roaches who some how came into power...

    like AOC and the VP of the country, all sucked dick to get into office where they then started to rape the people of the country. while allowing shit heads like pelosi, Clinton, and Bidens to literally keep raping others.

    keep voting dumb American. yall must be all gay, like anal, and the taste of cock, cause the American people really like taking it in the fucking ass like that.
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  12. Last thoughts...

    What the FUCK happened to "no taxation without Representation"???

    Where the FUCK did we go wrong?

    Cause we aint had representation for quite a few years...


    Registered Southern Horse Trader Number 12

    B2B236 (Penski Owned, Borrowed by The Driver)

    Locally Loved, Nationally Hated.
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  13. Let’s not disrespect Elvis in this discussion, ok?
  14. I’ve long since quit trying to predict voters and legal pot has a snowballs chance in hell of getting done here in SC but I find the OPs analogy well thought out. As for other places in the south, I think TN and GA both have a better shot than SC.
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  15. The outcome of the governors race in Georgia this November will dictate if any reform will begin to happen there. If Abrams the democrat wins she might be willing to sign legislation that could allow Georgia to go legal. Kemp the republican will never allow any kind of reform.
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  16. Woopsies. I feel that I must apologize for being untruthful and inaccurate. Apparently it was 7 years ago instead of 3 years ago that legalization was on the ballot in Ohio. Sorry for the discrepancy. I must have been unconsciously trying to sabotage any chance of legalization. I hope that it didn't affect your life too terribly much. I'm trying hard to overcome my nay saying trollishness, but it's an uphill battle. I'm starting to think that it may be genetic and my hands are basically tied. I may end up being a Troll for life, sigh. And you are also correct on my activism, it is a sham. The actual extent of my activism has been merely signing petitions to legalize. And in hindsight I probably should have voted for the legalization measure even though everyone that I know who smokes weed voted against it also. Just because it was horribly written, gave all legislative power in the state to 1 or 2 people, forbid any home grows, and still severely limited all other aspects of weed, I should have just accepted what my betters decided was in my best interest. Sigh, please bear with me as I fight this battle to overcome my resistance to passing laws that make others filthy rich while our costs skyrocket. It must be the capitalist freedom loving part of me that I can't seem to excise from my persona. Please accept my apology with all the same feelings of brotherhood and unity with which it is offered.
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  17. I’ve got years of “activism” behind me with this issue and applaud your interest as well. I’ve been with the underdog team in this haul for a long time to the point where I will accept anything regarding legalization but no growing is hard for me to swallow. I risk :cop:everyday.
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  18. I'm embarrassed to be living in cousin fucking white trash Kentucky.
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  19. I think you're living in the past. It's an ancient old democrat here in Georgia who's holding up recreational use and the republicans are the ones pushing for legalization. The dems are the ones fighting it.
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  20. Dude, really? That's in every state...
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