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What should be done about cannabis laws in your country, if not globally.

  1. Tougher, tighter laws & more propaganda to scare people away from it.

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  2. no change. prohibition is working fine

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  3. decriminalisation and tollerance towards use in certain areas and the distribution of medical suppli

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  4. The complete, total lifting of prohibition to allow freedom for the growing, licenced sale and socia

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    i've got a pretty good idea of how it's going to turn out.

    woops. in the last option i should have mentioned the complete utilisation of cannabis in all industrial areas where it's capabilities surpass that of the alternatives either environmentally or simply because it does the job better.
  2. lol, I wonder ;)

    Legalize it baby!!!! All the way! :D
  3. So far im in the medical section. Just one more stage up, here hopin fingers crossed.

  4. I would never encourage anyone to smoke shit (sorry i mean MJ) and i would never encourage anyone to grow it in they're closet under a MH light...nor have i ever purchased seeds for growing and i would certainly not know what the FIM technique is!!...and to me a clone is something i've only ever seen in the movies...chich and chong was a movie that i DID NOT find funny....and yes it was me that voted for tougher laws on it....LOL....and if you beleive that you'll beleive anything....Peace out....Sid
  5. Let's go all the way!!!!!!

    I wanna grow MaryJane out in my garden and show it off instead of hide it. I wanna go to the farmer's market and look at everyones different strains and swap out corn, tomatoes, basil, marijuana and chives.

    I wanna smoke a j on my front porch and not worry about the cop that lives across the street. He'd probably dig not having me have to worry about him.

    If its going to be done, it need to be done in a big way!!!!!
  6. excellent wordage digit
  7. Digit it has to be said you are the poll marster.... i voted for the 3rd one, my reason for chosing it was the fact that i belive we should be able to grow what we like and smoke what we like we aint hurting anyone but yet again the goverment has to stick there nose in. I mean when are we gonna have our own privcey ?? They read our emai they read our text messages and i'm sure if they could read our post then they would belive u and me.

    Take it easy
  8. Isn't this the GRASScity forum- WTF DO YOU THINK WE'RE GONNA VOTE FOR LAMO!!! Not only are you the poll master- you are the stupid-poll master (the polls are stupid not you btw you're not the stupid.... poll master, you're the stupid poll.... master)

    Anyways bye bye for a few seconds....
  9. again it wont let me vote but all the way...maybe an 14 yr age limit but thats it...cigs are worse then a couple of nugs a week...just think...millions of dollars used for something worth while instead of trying to bust us
    what a greeat poll man
    peace and serenity

  10. No, I've been having problems voting and I'm twice your age plus 3. There's something going on.
  11. Wait, I think I got confused!
  12. im not 14, i said there should be a 14 age limit but i still cant vote on this poll
  13. I don't believe there is an age limit................

    any registered member should be able to participate in polls.

    Do you get an error message ?

    Or does it just .....not make the link to the voting area ?

    Are you reading this ?

    How is your day going ?

  14. The action you have attempted could not be performed as your session appears to be invalid. Click the below link to attempt this action again with a new session.
    Try this action again!

    That's what it does. I sometimes get to vote later but then there's another poll I can't vote on. SJ and Kees said that everything should be good soon so it's cool.
  15. HAHAHAHAHAHA.....i was talking to this girl..and i was fucking high as hell..and we were having a deep intellectual conversation...and she says..thats the greatest thing i have heard, it makes the most sense, thats great!...anyway, this chic is anti weed, and so i decided to tell her i was blasted when i made those statements..that blew her away even more, and she is less anti weed thats pretty fuckin high right now too:D.!!!!!!

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