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  1. What are you thoughts, about the legalization of cannabis in the United Kingdom?

    I live in London, and for anyone thats been here, the weed is certainly not as good as in the US, its only once in a while we one of my several dealers gets a shipment of Jack Herer, or amnesia Haze from overseas.

    How would legalizing this (now class B drug in the UK), affect the economy, and the people in the country?
  2. I dont live in the UK, But i think worldwide decriminilization and some different laws on growing would be great.
  3. decriminalization would be one of the biggest aspects of the legalization of cannabis thats true. of course it wont stop the other drugs, but cannabis is surely one of the main components of the drug trade.

  4. So you want decriminalization(basically fines for possession) and "different laws on growing"...why not instead advocate for legalization(no fines/jailtime for possession or homegrow).

    Furthermore, decrim would not help the OP. He currently has trouble obtaining quality marijuana, rather than being caught with any. Decriminalization will not help growers grow better.

    Back on topic:

    I don't know much about UK laws, so I tried looking it up.

    Class B Drugs:
    Magistrates\t3 months / £2500 fine
    Crown 5 years / unlimited fine\t
    Magistrates\t 6 months / £5000 fine
    Crown 14 years / unlimited fine

    This may be outdated, and there may be more laws concerning possession/growing, but legalization will save the courts money by not having to hear court cases involving possession and cultivation.
    Legalization and regulation can also result in money savings in regards to police enforcement. And then there could also be increased tax revenue in sales tax, where currently the government gets 0%.

    It's much harder to describe the benefits besides generalities without knowing the laws of the UK and the type of legalization model you would like to see. In most cases there are benefits for the government and for users, but not necessarily competing industries(pharmaceuticals, alcohol, tobacco) and for-profit growers.

    So if you want to push your competing product(pills, etc) and/or keep making an inflated profit, legalization is not for you.
  5. I want it legalized and taxed. This will help the economy and also hurt the black market. Happy days.

  6. exactly, the amount of money the government would make would be crazy, not to mention the expected rise in quality of the weed in the UK due to regulations

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