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  1. Hi all. I'm currently a Georgia State U student and am trying to get a NORML chapter interest to build.

    Anywho what I'm really excited about is legalization in Florida - I'm guessing fla will follow b4 GA would. And I happen to love Hawaii and there lifestyle, beaches but seeing as I have family in Florida and Hawaii isn't exactly a short ride for me Florida is my next best place to go on the beach medicate and live my life.

    I don't understand why there isn't more of a medical marijuana push for legalization in Fl. I'm sure there are many patients that could benefit from mmj. So why no push like these other states?

    Sorry for the ramble. Ambien kicking in
  2. Well, considering the sector of people who are against legalization are the older crowd, and well they have a very large precense in florida compared to other states, it is going to take about 10 years before legalization via a vote is possible.
  3. Florida tried to get it on Nov's ballot but could not get enough registered voters to sign a petition

    Here is a link to Florida's attempt
    People United for Medical Marijuana - Florida PAC
  4. FL has the harshest laws in the country when it comes to MJ..

    Everyone wants it to be legalized but.. honestly i dont even think that cali will be able to legalize it this year. In the future through more education of the public it may be possible..

    Who gives a fuck anyways.. we will smoke it/ grow it/ sell it anyways they cant stop it.

  5. "dont smoke weed, nor should any one else. sorry wont be attending. i dont vote for drugs. my friend died of a stroke smoking this shit.."


  6. This. I volunteered for a few months at my school collecting signatures....try to get involved.
  7. Florida has very harsh laws and everyone in florida iv'e met other than stoners is against it lol. If you are caught with 20g's or less within 1000 feet of a park, housing development, school, or church you get 15 years in prison or a 15,000 fine. so fucked up. pretty much anywhere is 1000 feet to one of those.
  8. I feel that Florida will be one of the last states to legalize. There are so many people here against it
  9. its gay the laws are harsh here, cause so many people smoke in florida.. its just old rich fucks, keep coming from outta nowhere..the only way anything will change here is the old generations of 'i hate marijuana' need to die off.
  10. Haha yeah for sure

  11. it's florida we're mad conservative and by no means liberal.... it's going to take a while, even though marijuana is the crop that is most harvest here in florida, not oranges, cannabis.
  12. My dad is one of the "old rich fucks" who believe all the propaganda. I try to get him to watch the union but he refuses. Says the only people who believe all that stuff are the ones sitting around smoking it all day. Ya he's really ignorant. When he found out i smoked he kicked out and wouldn't talk to me for months. Sayed he thought i was of a "higher class".
  13. hahah my dad is an old rich fuck as well lol.. cept for he doesnt believe the propaganda, he just believes he is better parent for kicking me out for smoking and not talking to me for months.. yet he smoked until he was 30.. wierd guy.
  14. Not to try and stereotype your father, but he kind of sounds like one of the "higher class" that believes alcohol is perfectly acceptable in society, and causes more good than bad, right? :rolleyes:

  15. EXACTLY he drinks crown royal black (90 proof) at his little partys lol. I still love him tho cuz hes done a lot of good shit for me.
  16. ^ your dad sounds like mine.. he drinks cognac everynight and says it loosens him up.. i smoke weed and im the family outcast? but i still love em
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    haha the story of our lives, my dad===Belvedere,Grey Goose, or Jack daniels, btw im in FL too
  18. suck's for you guy's me and my old man drink and smoke together every time we see each other granted I am not a big drinker.
  19. Exactly, florida has alot of old rich fucks.. which is one reason while it will never pass second

    We have to have 60% majority vote to pass something!!!! thats fuckin nuts..cali is having a hard time pulling over 50%...

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