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  1. Hey guys. Any updates on Recreational/Medical Marijuana legalization in Alabama? Im too stoned to look it up myself. Thanks.
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  2. You know, like I do, that we will be THE VERY LAST state to legalize MJ for recreational use. Probably the last or will have to be federally mandated to even get medical use set up like it should be. But that's fine with me. Anything the Gvt. touches they screw up big so I'm fine the way things are. TWW
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    I don't have updates but the deep south will be the last hold outs for legalizing either medical or recreational marijuana. As long as you keep electing people like Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions and other right wing nuts it will never happen. You get what you vote for. If legalization is important to you - move to a more progressive state. I don't know how old you are but I remember when I first started smoking, I thought legalization would happen within 5 years - that was 48 years ago.
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  4. There's hope. Here in Ga ours has been going strong for several years. Granted it's just oil but there are talks of allowing edibles soon and hopefully having places growing it so people can get the oil in state. Never thought I would see it come here but it has. It's just a matter of time. Texas I think will be next. Florida passed an amendment, Tennessee is talking about a medical program. So there is hope.
  5. The deep south, much like the upper midwest, is a very conservative area and will most likely be among the last of areas to fully legalize.
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  6. I second this. I can't believe that medical passed in my state - but the senate is still holding their dicks. Supposedly recreational is in the works to be on the 2018 ballot, but I'm not holding my breath. Too many GOP and other old-timer types who have been fed the Reefer Madness spiel for all of or the majority of their lives. Unfortunate, because the south can grow some great crops, which could equal a lot of money for the state in the way of Colorado/etc.
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