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Legalization in Florida ?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by aRizzy, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. Just moved to Clearwater, Florida. Already have me a few dealers. But i was just wondering how close (if close at all), Florida was from legalizing mary jane ?

  2. not very close. it already has extremely strict marijuana laws.
  3. Think of it like this; If legalization is the Sun, then California, Washington, and Maine are Mercury. Florida, on the other hand, is Pluto, at best.

  4. Florida is the Andromeda galaxy

  5. Damn. Well im going to be living the next summer or two in my home state Illinois. Whats there status ?
  6. Soon.

    We can do it!

  7. Good call :smoke:
  8. too many old farts out there

  9. yeah . down here old people out number young people. and you know how they are, thinking mary jane is just as bad as crack.
  10. Illinoiss stalling like a bunch of other states. Politicians are afraid to speak up!

  11. Which is ironic, because the retirees of florida would probably benefit the most from medicinal use.

  12. right. but they wont budge . they stick with one thing . and they'll listen to them fuckers who put a bad stamp on weed.

  13. mary jane has got a bad reputation

  14. Don't worry about it, soon they'll die off, and the baby boomers will take their place, and they're a little more progressive.

  15. and do you know anything on Illinois ? im gonna be living up there for the next few summers.
  16. You guys know nothing about Marijuana in Florida. Jeff Clemens, a Florida Politician had a Bill Press Conference not too long ago about Medical Marijuana. MMJ has a lot more supporters in Florida then one would think. This Bill would mean the decriminalization of Florida too. I say in 6 years are laws will be Decriminalized and there will be Medical Marijuana. Peace, :smoke:
  17. my brother lives in Palm harbor you know where that is?
  18. I'm not as familiar with Illinois, but as far as I know, they're nothing special, but not behind the times. Based on this, I'd say they're a bit draconian.

    I would say decrim in 6 years is pretty bad, considering we've got states like Maine and Rhode Island working towards allowing growing and legalization.
  19. I understand that! But atleast we WILL have mmj in about 2 years and decrim in 6 years isnt as bad as you think. Everyone thinks old people in Florida are against mmj and decrim but Thats a generalization. Just trying to correct you people saying its "so far away, its like pluto in the solar system, omg old people wont let it happen" etc. peace, :smoke:

  20. yep. its like 10 minutes from here.

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