Legalization in Florida

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  1. okay, so basically it was announced that florida may consider mmj. they got enough signatures for a ballot in november. the downside is that governor Rick Scott is completely against it. so my question is, what are the chances of actual legalization. opinions on legalization in florida. and can rick scott veto the ballot if he wants to?
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  2. It's up to the people now we need %60 of Floridians to vote yesSent from my GT-I9505G using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  3. Scott said he will respect the voters wishes if it passes
  4. Scott won't veto it if wants to get re-elected! If a large enough majority of the people vote for cannabis, after some "deep soul searching" (figuring the odds of re-election), he will flip-flop like a catfish out of water, and sign-  just so the folks won't vote against him next election!
    But it all depends on how many of you get out and vote, and get friends to vote, too! A clear majority is needed!
  5. I dont think he can veto. It is a citizen/voter initiative which he powerless to stop if I am not mistaken. But yes, it now lies with the voters to decide as it should be and would definitley not want to reelect somebody who does not support citizens wishes and concerns. Politicians need to be reminded that they work for us! Not themselves, not the corporations, and not the bank!

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  6. So happy to see United for care and John Morgan doing what they have done in this state to push medical marijuana even closer to legalization. We can do it!
  7. Make sure you get a personal grow clause. If not, nix that bill. They want your money, and you are in charge. If you just vote on this proposal then that is the way it will stay. Don't let them push a bad bill through. And for all the people who want it will get it BAD!

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