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  1. I know it will get legalized, but the question is when?
  2. Florida will end up being one of the very last states. So, I'm saying- ten years.
    I'm in Florida, and I don't want to believe it, but I'm being realistic here.
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  3. Florida is Draconian. 20g or more is a felony. I've heard stories where officers have used tape to pull weed crumbs off the carpet/floorboards of cars to charge for possession.
    So yeah... Hmu in like 5-10 years I'm gtfo as soon as possible.
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  4. Didn't they just make bongs a felony like this year? Seems they're headed in the opposite direction!
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  5. yep.getting caught with paraphernalia twice is a felony.with shit like that passing its hard to imagine any mmj laws passing anytime soon.
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  6. For a moment there I got excited until I actually read that its not you telling us about hopeful legislation, its you asking when it might happen. My guess is 2-4 years. 
    The Sunshine state isn't so sunny right now.
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  7. Floridian as well, I agree. We're not exactly deep south, but the majority of our voting population is conservative- retired individuals and/or military families.
    I was confused when they passed it.  Basically pipe shops can sell them, as long as they're for tobacco purposes?  I thought that was already a law.  Idk. its not like I drive or walk around with my bong in public. lol
    Been seeing that Medical Marijuana is coming to the ballets in 2014.  If so, there's going to be alot of young voters.  
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  9. I'm in Arkansas and it is the same here. You can go to a head shop and purchase any bong, pipe, vaporizer, but the moment you smoke pot out of it you are eligible for a felony paraphenilia charge. Obviouslly this law was designed to give prosecutors additional leverage so they can pile on BS charges to force you to Plea bargain. Like Fla., Arkansas has a huge retirement community, lots of older church people hell bent on keeping the evil marijuana out of the hands of kids. (although we also rate #1 in the country in teen prescription drug absue) Last election MMJ was on the ballot...the measure lost 51 against, 49 for. IN 2014 it will pass here due to better organization from pro MMJ groups and more dollars being spent. The sad part is even if passed prosecutors will still go for the jugular if you are caught with pot and do not have a card.
  10. It will only pass when it gets on the ballot for us to vote on.
  11. Arkansas has a very good chance OS getting it passed next year. But if I'm reading things correctly they babe re written the bill saying that patients nor caregivers will be allowed to grow. So where the hell are they going to get tthe bud?
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    Wrong thread.
  13. Right now in florida we need 700,000 signatures by the beginning of the year to get it on the ballot. Also it is possible we may have a new govenor at the same time. Get involved. I believe they are paying collectors 3$ per signature if you sign up or you can volunteer!

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    The problem is United for Care won't put up a count. We have no idea how close or far we are
    forgot to add in jacksonville they have volunteer training today at 1pm at morgan and morgan downtown
  15. Looks like petition signing is going well in Orlando. I suggest those who are out getting signatures to hit college campus' in your area. Especially right now during last minute registration.  I signed the petition while in line to see my advisor 2 days ago. the whole waiting room was packed and signed with this girl walking around campus. And then i saw another girl getting signatures outside of clubs the same night.
    We need enough people to go out and do these things. Most marijuana users dont even realize that there is a petition, or they do but will never get around to getting it themselves. 
    Im going to pick up a ton of petitions and bring them to work, studio, parties, campus', etc.
    also, make sure the people who sign the petition are registered to vote. a very important detail there.
  16. Correct, Two new proposals are being considered for the 2014 ballot. Both have removed the "grow your own" clause. Yes this measure will pass. The sad part is it will do nothing to help non card holders from prosecution. As far as I can tell people will get their bud from licenced dispensaries.
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  17. What part of south FL are you in? I used to live in plantation like a year ago, maybe weknow each other ahahaha
  18. Either way if we can be one of the first states in the south we can be the center of the market and new businesses. We have to start somewhere and I will be collecting sigs as a volunteer
  19. I'm really happy this is happening here in Fl, but I have yet to fill it out. Can it effect me? How about my concealed weapons permit? I'm just worried about the consequence for signing it. I'm in the health care field, can it effect me?
    And the other reason I haven't either is because Morgan fucked us over on the no grow thing. Sitting on all this land in the agricultural part of the county, and not being able to use it, just plain sucks. Plus Charlie Christ works for there firm now? The fuck is that?? Something fishy going on.
  20. They are going to push Christ for gov watch. I was told they surveyed and found most don't agree with homegrows. What I really believe is they want to make sure they can tax it well. Will it affect you if you tell our bosses probably but state court system has to hold up state laws. Medical records are private so unless your high at work... It is also a petition which is public record. Will someone look to see if u signed it, ur paranoid if u think so we will have so many signatures they can look. Conceal weapons lic concerns me as well, I'm going to treat it like alcohol and don't carry when I'm smoking.

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