Legalization in california?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by SmokerForLife, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. I heard that it might be getting legalized in California? :hello:

    I'm not to sure, but what's the whole deal with this? I've been kind of out of it lately.
  2. i havent heard much about this, but if its true im packing my bags and moving to cali. no questions asked.

    Long story short, California has a petition being passed around as of like 9-8-09 that needs to acquire around 500k signatures before March of 2010. That would get a vote onto a ballot next Nov (2010) for the full legalization of marijuana by the state of California for all residents over 21, as well as some other things. I believe they even talk aabout a ban on any sort of help to the feds from any agency or company in Cali which I thought was really interesting.

    Thing about all of this is, that most the bills state that companies are still allowed to use DT's to screen potential employees and use it to determine their canidates. Thus, even once it's legal it'll be a long battle to get the older generations to be tolerant of stoners. Even so, not having to worry about LEGAL action would still be 10000000000000x better than now.
  4. that would be brilliant if they passed a law that kept the feds the fuck out of Cali's marijuana industry
  5. Not exactly,

    What I was at least trying to say, was that some of them do mention bans on funding or helping federal agencies prosecuting marijuana crimes. It didn't necessarily say that the feds cannot still arrest you, however the 'official' stance from the current administration is that they will not interfere in any marijuana issue where state laws differ from federal ones.

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