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  1. I was wondering if marijuana is going to be legal with in the next 5 years.... I've been hearing on the news that california is going to legalize it come this November but if so do you think other states will follow?
  2. I think it will be legal in 1-3 states in the next 5 years. It may take quite a while to be legal everywhere. I live in UT, and even medical usage is a ways off. I just hope CA gets it done in November. Sometimes a thing has to happen before others will believe it is possible.
  3. Im pretty sure its legal in a couple cities in CO. But with legalization so close in Cali one can only hope it will be a domino effect. Hopefully the medical states legalize along with Cali
  4. It's a gradual process, and unfortunately the growth is linear, not exponential, but any growth helps all growth.
    'Medicinal' is often really just a politically correct form of decriminalization, and an avenue for eventual legalization.
    Legalization in one state would cause a huge supply of marijuana that would spill into other states. This increased availability would make people more exposed to it, and hopefully, more understanding. Plus the states would have a harder time combating its use.
  5. cali and washington will legalize this year. MAYBE oregon. but then i see colorado doing it soon. and once a state on the east coast does. game over. it'll spread like wildfire
  6. This is the wrong thread but it just popped up into my mind, but how old do you need to be in order to purchase from a MMJ dispensary?
  7. in nj you have to be 15 and i think that its going to be a domino effect in the next 5 years i see nj having it legalized
  8. Anything can happen on the west coast. But what has been said is correct. As soon as an east-coast state like NJ legalizes, or a mid-west state like Ohio legalizes, then the dam has broken.

    If a southern state legalizes it, then we have officially won the war.
  9. Michigan passed MMJ by a large margin, so I would think legalization wouldn't be far off here, especially with it's economy.
  10. Massachusetts would legalize way before NJ, in fact last year they had a legislative hearing on the idea of legalizaing. Also Rhoad Island was trying to pass a leglization bill I believe but it may have died out. I also know that in 2012 it will be on the ballot for las Vegas
  11. A man from Detroit is collecting signatures to get it on the ballot for novemember, but it is just for legalizing bud not regulating and selling it(kinda like those colorado cities(beckenridge etc.) , but still that would be awesome for anyone in detroit
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    What will happen depends on each one of you!

    You going to just sit around the house playing with your Wii? :p

    Or are you actually willing to do some work to get cannabis legal? You see the "MMJ studies" link in my sig? You need to click it and read.

    After that, you need to get the addresses of your doctors and politicians! Bookmark the pols- you should write them often- especially if they don't agree with us about cannabis. (Poor babies were brainwashed- we have to re-educate them!)

    Then all you have to do it combine the two. Write a short letter -" I support medical marijuana and you should too. Here's one reason why- (Copy and paste a news article or an abstract of a medical study here) Sincerely _______ __________ a registered voter. "

    I did the hard part- finding the studies- all you have to do is pick one from my list! If you are scared of discussing cannabis with your doctor- just send him the studies with no return address. (a stamp will send 5 pages)

    Are you registered to vote? You can't vote for cannabis unless you are registered! are your friends registered? ASK!

    Do you use responsibly? I cringe when I read some of the bone-headed stunts some stoners do! Never give the prohibitionists any fuel!

    Educate yourself! Be able to say "A Dr. Tashkin did a study recently that showed cannabis had a slight protective effect against some lung cancers, compared to the risk for non-smokers, so how can it cause lung cancer?" (then haul out the list and show them!)

    If we all work together, we can get this done! If you just sit around playing with your Wii, it will take years! Your choice!

    Granny :wave:

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