Legalizaion in Florida??!!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by wtfisup!, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. Doesn't give me much confidence on this. However, maybe he has enough voters and then this wil give him enough people to get him in office.
  2. not convinced. he has a good point but eh americas making money with pills.
  3. Oh hel no. Florida is WAAAAAAAAY to conservative at the moment for that to happen. You will have a better chance at seeing the Obama's do a live porn film on the white house lawn.

  4. **consults 4chan to see if there is such a film**
  5. I would rather see Michelle giving growing lessons in the Whitehouse garden,maybe some white rhino and an Afghan strain,as I am sure that they could get some seeds.:wave:
  6. PUFMM has been working to help patients rights here in florida! People United for Medical Marijuana - Florida PAC
    Thought i should share this here found it pretty cool that everyone who picks up the Miami new times stoner or not will be reading this!!!!Today's main article in the Miami New times was this....

    " Legalize pot now in the sunshine state...before it's too late."

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