Legality/risk of putting cleaned pipes on checked luggage/planes?

Discussion in 'General' started by emdyeks, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. I left all my pipes at home this summer because i planned on quitting at school. Things have changed and smoking has helped me relax and NEVER burn out from my crazy professional school workload, so im definately not giving up something that seems to be benefiting me. I am going home in a month or so, and was trying to figure out how risky or illegal it is to bring my pipes back on the plane with me or in checked luggage? I would obviously clean them completely but I doubt i can get them 100% free of resin because of the difficulty in some of the peices (bubbler). Should i just leave them and save up for new peices, or what?
  2. Box em up and ship them ups to yourself. Safest route. No risk of them taking anything.

    Make sure you pack them well to ensure that nothing breaks.
  3. isn't that illegal too though? Since it is going to have my address and all. That is a clever idea however
  4. "I don't know who would be sending me used pipes with marijuana resin on them." You can't get in trouble for a box that doesn't have a return address on it.
  5. It is legal to ship glass as long as its clean. You'll be fine. How do think grasscity gets all the stuff that they sold to the customer?

    Try soaking your pieces in grunge off for a complete clean.
  6. so fedex would ship something without a return address? They would know where they picked it up from though, and i don't think a fedex drop off point in a store would let you ship something w/ no return address, plus they would probably call fedex up because it's a huge red flag.
  7. yea but i already cleaned all my pipes a few months ago w/ a ziplock baggy, salt, and high strength rubbing alcohol, and although it gets it pretty damn clean, it's almost impossible to get every single peice of resin out of there, especially w/ the bubbler. Plus I couldn't get the smell out no matter what I did.
  8. Put a fake return address?
  9. Is the mailing address with in the same country? If so then just put it in a box and padd it up. If you're sketched you can fill it all with coffee beans.

    They need probable cause to search your mail.
  10. doesnt' fed ex not search at all? I might just do that. How the heck could i pack my pipes in a way where they wouldn't break though, since package handlers are always tossing the hell out of most packages?
  11. Don't have them put "fragile" on it, lol.
  12. I don't see why it should be a crime bringing your glass in your bag on the plane ? If they don't have any resin on them that is.
  13. you can break your bowl, then slit someone's throat

    no threat at all...
  14. Put it in your carry-on. They didn't really look through mine that thoroughly when I flew internationally in the spring. Just put it in your toilet kit or whatever.
  15. Customs is an international thing, not inter-state.

    Just use a lot of bubble wrap and peanuts
  16. yea the drug reason and that reason tell me that bringing it along does not seem worth the risk at all for 60 dollars worth of pipes. Fake return address + shipping seems like the way to go here. :cool:
  17. You're quitting school? Why'd you deceide to quit? Anyways, just wrap the pipe up in newspaper or some shit, and put it in your luggage. If they see the pipe on the x-ray, they can't see the resin so I doubt they'll want to look at it or anything.
  18. Wow. its shocking that GC still sells pipes. especially with "Operation Pipe Dreams" going on. I think shipping ur own glass to yourself would be fine. Ive had weed sent thru UPS and it came fine. UPS doesnt search any packages. period. unless its a HAZMAT and its leaking or something hazardous.

    EDIT- nvm, I dont think GC servers are located in the US, although Im sure big brother would have no problem busting a business shipping into the US.

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