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  1. Is Erowid run in the US? What's the legality of it? Is it illegal to hold a database of people's drug experiences? What about this forum? Erowid has a warning when you submit your experience, saying including your Email is risky in case they get raided, but that would be rare.

    A website where people submit drug experiences like Erowid, if run within the US or Cananda, would it attract attention from the feds?

    Why did Overgrow get raided? Was it because of their forum, or because it had information for growing pot?
  2. omg shhh. the feds have this thread tapped
  3. lmao^^... I dont think they can shut it down for giving info about growing marijuana. Maybe they were selling seed ?? Idk read a article about why they got shut down it will probablly say.
  4. dude, this site is based in netherland, or amsterdam or something, there is nothing illegal about this place, no minors knowlingly allowed,and what we discuss is legal there. were fine

    and erowid is just a site to give us knowledge in what we do. There has to be some place to researchthings so we dont die. why would the government beagainst it. this is a retarded thread my friend. use the search button

    edit- and other sites have been shut down because they were selling seeds to the US. this site doenst do that. it does nothing illegal. so get your panties outta a knot lol. jk jk
  5. i have to be honest here. im an inside man. all of your computers are being traced as i type. prepare to be prosecuted
  6. This place doesn't ship to the US? Are you sure? I didn't try, but I've gotten as far as the check out page w/ a seed in my cart and I have not been told that they don't ship to the US. I chose the US as my country and "International Priority Shipping ($ 11.50)" as my shipping method.

    I've searched but nowhere does it say exactly why Overgrow was shut down. Erowid provides information, yes, and I've said nothing about Grasscity being illegal.. but there's no chance of raiding a website that is a bank of people's drug experiences and IPs? I'm talking specifically about a site being run in the US or Cananda. The US' government is extremely harsh, and while Canada's isn't, the US gov pretty much has Canada in a doggy style position, at least with regard to drug law.

    I'm not looking for opinions, and I know a site being ran overseas is fine, but I'm looking for details. Fine print / all that shit that can get you in trouble.
  7. no it wont ship seeds to the US, pipes and everything else sure, cause its all for tabacoo right. but keep trying to place it, it wont let u with seed.

    and with the Ips and such on erowid, they really arent going to try and bring someone telling a story, that could be made up, no way to proveotherwise or not. Unless it is something like, i just bought 100 killos of coke, and bla bla bla
  8. yeah man you should subscribe to the dopecast (search it in google) thats how i know all about that guy and how he was sellin seeds through his site n shit.
  9. Oh, shit. What am I thinking. I know about Cannabis Culture and Marc Emery. I really meant got shut down, not CC. CC wrote this about Overgrow:

    I guess it just has to do with selling seeds. Just making sure.. thanks for the replies.
  10. It's not so much that overgrow got shut down but more so that the owner of heaven's stairway took his servers and all his money and a car and fled because he knew he was gonna get raided. They caught up with him and jacked his shit. The servers, I'm sure, are being heavily sifted and searched for any valuable information.

    Erowid on the other hand does nothing illegal. They just publish writing. They don't sell anything. Although they do take donations. Especially because they're unbiased they stay out of trouble.

    Whoever said that the government should support erowid isn't thinking hard enough. We're talking about the U.S. government... they don't care about the safety of the people. Narcotics are illegal to keep the pharmaceutical industry afloat. Try that on for size. Psh... safety of the nation. What total bullshit. It's allllll about the money. How much more transparent could it be?
  11. isnt erowid from a college in the US?
  12. it is not illegal at all. the reason overgrow got shut down is because the host site was also selling seeds. If it would have just been the forumns by themselves i don't think they could legally shut it down... regardless of the talk of growing and whatnot.

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