Legality of Colorado in Florida?

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  1. So I live in Florida, and as many of you might know, we now have the signatures needed to get medical legalization on the ballot. But I was wondering how long or what has to happen after it is legalized for medical usage before it can be legalized for recreational usage like in Colorado. If there is anyone from Colorado that knows how it worked for them please fill me in.
  2. I coincidentally moved to CO just a month or so before the 2012 november election that accomplished the recreational vote.
    It took until the start of 2014 before stores actually began to sell recreational - currently only medical license dispensaries are qualified to apply for a rec license.
    I don't know the number off hand but medicinal cannabis has been around here for years already.
    It really boils down to you - the people who live there. You have to get motivated and united for it. Usually in the state there will be at least one organized group who is pushing, politically for medicinal or recreational cannabis legislation. Get on board with them, support, etc. It will come down to signatures and votes - the people have to want it.
    Fortunately, because of how successful the venture has been so far here in CO, it is easier now more than ever before to get recreational legalization in any state. Before there was NO ONE - no examples to go off of. Now, we have a good example to go by where we can say, "Hey, Look! That reefer madness propaganda was BS!"
    This means that your state may not have to be like some others, who may spend 10+ years with only medicinal before possibly pushing for recreational legalization.
    Best of luck. You may also want to check out the website and see what they have for your state.
  3. legality of colorado in florida?
    is colorado illegal in florida or what
  4. top...there is no 'procedure' to follow other then the vote of the people. the people can vote recreational and never vote on medical IF they want too.

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