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Legality of a grinder (4 pc)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by MR_, May 25, 2009.

  1. Tried looking around to see if theres any relevant info on this already, but came up empty handed. I know that getting caught with a pipe/one hitter/etc will be a paraph misdemeanor, but how about a grinder?

    I know NORML has a nice list that shows different charges for different weight/plants, but doesnt have more specific info.

    I was told that a grinder may be considered a felony IF it has a screen (such as a 4 or 5 piece) since it can be used to produce hash. I know there are a ton of variables, such as location, cop, etc, but just trying to see if a 4 piece grinder would be considered a misdemeanor or felony if caught.

    Location would be the midwest.
  2. This is a simple herb grinder, it is made for grinding herbs and collecting pollen. If you have been grinding your weed in it, its considered paraphernalia. I highly doubt you will get a felony due to the screen but if you get pulled over with it just push your screen out, screens are cheap.
  3. and the country i come from is called the midwest. no but really exactly how they handle it could be a bit different from state to state but more or less if its 100% clean and they cant connect it to drug use then its perfectly legal. but if theres a tiny bit of THC they can test for chemically they will give u a they're stardart paraphinalia charge.
  4. i got pulled over in florida by undercover officers looking for stolen property. they found a grinder in my car. there was nothing in it but some crumbs, they just made me dump it out and toss it in the bushes. I think it is all gonna depend on the cop/ what else you have on you.

    i guess i should say i had previously had a possession charge in the state of florida. they are also pretty strict on the pot down there.
  5. There would definately be some sort of THC/bud in the grinder. Talking about getting caught with a dirty grinder.

    Also, where have you seen replacement screens? Maybe for a higher end space case but never seen them available for a 4pc sharpstone.
  6. It varies by State, but once it's been used and has ANY residue at all it falls under 'Drug Paraphernalia'
  7. Of course.

    I know it depends based on situation, cop, location, etc.

    I'm sure we've all have cops who have let us go because of small amounts, etc, but worse comes to worse, and they try charging you with everything they've found on you (lets say a spoon/pipe, a dirty grinder, and a gram of bud total), can they charge you with a felony for the grinder, or will it probably be just multiple mis. charges?
  8. the dirty pipe is probably the biggest concern there. its a gram and some shit. your not gonna get felony charges.

    I got busted with a suspended license, 7g, 38 roaches, and a pipe. I got 25 hours of community service.
  9. I got caught with a grinder in Buffalo, and they just ended up confiscating it. They did say, though, that I could've been charged for the kief and resin inside the grinder.
  10. Wow, I don't know what state you're in, but any bud whatsoever here in Michigan is a felony. Just a heads up. You guys are saying it's a misdemeanor. NOT TRUE.

  11. You do know they passed MMJ laws in Michigan recently, right?
  12. Oh, OSG, I know, but if you do not have a card, you get a felony. It doesn't mean everyone gets away. Only the people that have registered and driven to BFE to turn in their paperwork. And even that can take 15 days to process and they can deny you.

    PS: Takin a cigarette break, brb. If all my dealers hadn't of been popped by the 5-O I would have bud. :)
  13. Exactly what I'm trying to ask. Question is though, if they wanted, could they charge you with a felony for the kief/resin, trying to say to were trying to make hash.

    In all honesty, I highly doubt it, but I figured I'd see what others thought.
  14. Sorry to hijack thread op, but this ^^ is Not True, Getting caught in Michigan with bud is not a felony it is a misdemeanor Michigan - NORML

    And on Topic, dude i doubt you would get a felony for a grinder more then likely they will take it and give you a misdemeanor ticket just dont drive with it and you dont gotta worry.
  15. wow dude rollanotherJ u just got anally do u not know ur own state laws?
  16. Lol?? Its decriminalized...its like a $100 fine or some shit and in Ann Arbor, if you even get caught (almost impossible to get caught unless you smoke into a cop's face....) its just a $25 fine...nothing else no court date even hah.
  17. well i got charged with Poss. of Drug Paraphernalia for a grinder with about .2 of weed in it and a good amount of keif.... ticket was $1183.00

  18. The cop who charged you was definitely having a bad day. I feel bad for you man. :(

  19. thats just the grinder by the way.... the .2 of weed was $587.00

    yeah this cop is known to charge for anything and everything, real douchebag even after i was straight up with him....

    p.s. he pulled me over for going 40 in a 35mph speed limit zone.
  20. Ok? Its probably because you had paraphenalia and that keif I dunno, just stating the law.

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