Legalise Cannabis!!!

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by stan, Jan 11, 2003.

  1. Cannabis is illegal in the UK at the moment, as we all know. I think this is one dumb ass rule, this is some figures for you to remember!!

    Plans to relax the cannabis laws could save police £38m a year and vastly improve police and community relations, says an independent report.

    Well what more proof do you need, Some people say that british people will turn into, lazy ass, crisp eating, coach potatoes. Fair enough let it be, it would be better that a current friday night, violent piss-head, kebab spewing, breaking windows, throwing traffic cones.

    Apparently on stupid people smoke pot according to the British government. Well acttually in my GCSE's i got 1A, 2B's,8C's. And currently acheiving an A/A* at college!

  2. Man... I'm so fed up of drunken yobs..

    When me and my mates wanna walk down the high street while we're baked, nothing spoils it and makes me more paranoid than drunk cockneys......

    But I'll say one thing: As far as cannabis goes, we're a lot better off than the US.

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