Legalise - A rhyme

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  1. Imagine some london street hip hop for this little rhyme (IE. The Streets if you've heard them). Wouldn't it be nice.....

    a message from the little guys
    to the uneducated and corrupt
    for the evil ones in society's eyes
    there ain't no trust

    now I'm no drug dealing punk
    just a stoner with some skunk
    I'm a peaceful, honest man
    just getting by as one can

    we like to relax
    watch some tv
    we pay our tax
    love our family

    just gotta chill
    we ain't the ones who kill
    all we ask for is tolerance
    for a peaceful life with no violence

    so open your mind
    and look at the facts
    listen to my rhyme
    and let slide your attacks

    we cause no harm
    turn off the alarm
    personal freedom?
    yeah right, dream on

    your war locks the good men away
    who make your nation great
    I'm dreaming of a better day
    of understanding without hate

    Ugh I suck at making shit rhyme but you get the message..
  2. Very nice.........I really liked it and the message didn't get lost in a world of useless words. I admire and respect people that can express themself through writing. One little poem can give us great insight into the unknown mind of someone with something meaningful to say.
  3. that poem was tight and you do have rhyming skills

    here peep this rap

    dont be confused by my red eyes
    i'm no demon poof suprise suprise
    i transform into thegrey angel of bliss
    wit perp in my sacs and herb in my piss
    up above me floats a halo of haze
    when it gets faint i grab a blunt and blaze
    sparkin' like an arsonist
    ain't no stopping once i've started this
    cause i don't get used and abused
    nah see i get dazed and confused
    as my lungs blacken
    whenever i'm attackin
    the green - buds and leaves
    like abracadabra i release
    a sack out my sleeves
    smokin like a steam engine
    so many pounds of bud i should be bench pressin
    but i'd rather exercise my lungs
    get myself faded and stunned
    an i've only just begun
    if it's right to be pure i plan to stay wrong
    cause when i show up i bring joy like e-bomb
    i'll use a pipe, blunt, or a bong
    this that and or eitha
    i uas em all to smoke the reefa
    try to open a door wit' coins buy a brew wit keys
    ask me if i'm okay... nigga please
    i'm gone like the invisable man
    lightin'blunts so much i gave myself a tan
    -a D-$TRUkTIVE original-
  4. oh sh't son, dat was ill as f'ck.

    yo, peep this

    fuck too stoned

    dammit, i'll right one later
  5. Let you into my mind
    and see through my eyes
    made you go blind
    so lets legalize
  6. Your words are great and your purpose is whole. Keep writing... If not for yourself but for the struggle as one. People listen even when you don't know.

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