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  1. I'm planning a big campaign in my town in Australia.

    The first thing I'm thinking of doing is sticking hundreds of legalization posters and graffiti on the local police station and around town.

    If any one else has any better ideas and suggestion please tell me. I'm serous about this. I started it back in school with my mates now I'm finished i want make it bigger :smoke:

    if any one lives in Australia WA join the fight
  2. i've got a suggestion... don't graffiti the police stations?
    how isn't that against the law
  3. All the legalization nazis are gonna tell you not to graffiti the cop shop, but I say you should definitely do it. You should paint a giant pot leaf right on their front door. Risky biz taggin a cop shop though. That way you can fight for legalization of graffiti as well as pot. I rather see graffiti legalized than pot... But I guess that would take half the fun outa it.
  4. yea mr. B what was i thinking.
    Just sayin.. i had a friend do graffiti and had 2 count felonies, who would of thought they had security cameras? One for possession of "tools" to commit a crime and one for vandalism. some bullshit.
  5. Great idea when they walk right outside and arrest I would suggest punching and spitting on everyone you can. Then when you get to court tell the judge you just fucked his mom. :rolleyes:

    Or just pretend to be a mature responsible person and go to a local municipality meeting to ask them to look into the issue and present facts why they should.
  6. what state are you in? many states have already decriminilized and Victoria are in a legal battle right now. good intentions but poor execution

  7. Mate, whilst i have very little to no respect for the police, I think you need to question exactly why you want to graffiti the cop shop or whatever it is you're going to graffitti.
    Because if your reason is Legalisation, then im sure you will agree that no amount of Graffittiing on anything will be of any benefit at all to our battle.

    It sounds to me like you're just trying to stand up for what you (and we all know) is right.
    i respect you for that.
    But if you really want to have an impact on the actual issue of legalisation, then i think you should tackle it in another way.

    But these are simply my thoughts.
    Good luck mate! let us all know how it works out!
  8. Destroying property is what the anti-legalization people will use as ammunition against your cause. "We can't legalize it, look what the stoners do! If we legalize it the entire city will be covered in graffiti oh noes!!"

    It doesn't make sense, but it doesn't have to. The mindless sheep will simply eat it up.

    Why not do something that ACTUALLY makes a difference? How would stickers and vandalism change any laws in favor of legalization?
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    mature and responsible people are always squares. What's next? muddling your way through the tedium of managerial training in hopes of one day achieving a spot in middle management and a front lawn? Huh? You wanna be that? Seriously though, tagging a cop shop might wind you up in prison, they don't take kindly to their stuff being messed with.
  10. :rolleyes:

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