Legalisation may be close!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Jayman90, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. Hellooo

    My mate showed me this article a few days ago. I did try & post this the other day but i had the wrong link, here's the right one:
    News | The Independent UK - Lib Dems vote to legalise cannabis and prescribe heroin to addicts

    I'll let it speak for itself, but I think this is pretty exciting, for those of you not aware there's a general election coming up here in the UK and the Liberal Democrat party have got some good momentum. I'm glad this subject is finally getting some attention in politics & if the UK can reform then the USA at least can definatley do it. :cool:

    So what do we think GC? Empty political talk or could we be on to something here?
  2. It's about time, it really is.
    I think he'll win.
    Most of the postal votes will have already gone off, and I think the less politically knowledgable members of society will vote on who they perceive to be the alpha male (because let's face it, they don't understand the policies) which is clearly Nick.

    The Lib Dems said this years ago and it's good to see that it hasn't changed.
    But i'm REALLY glad to see someone saying they'll legalize growing aswell.
  3. yeah i do remember them saying this a while back, and I really hope Nick wins!
    I also forgot to mention they set up a youtube account to promote the election campaign so people could ask questions to the party leaders on how they'd improve the way the country works. a LOT of questions were about cannabis and when it will be legalised, so they can't really ignore it anymore :laughing:
  4. I do not think UK would go before US, I think everyone is waiting on Cali, then the other west coast states, then Nevada/Colorado and pretty soon THE WORLD :smoking:
  5. Yep I posted a thread, its in my sig. Gotta vote Lib Dems!
  6. I've been behind the Lid Dems since I became interested (well, I say "interested"...) in politics. They seem to be more down-to-earth than Labour or the Conservatives, who just look like they're out for your votes now rather than making this country a better place.
    I know I say "never trust a politician", but if I'm gonna give them a chance. I'm 90% sure it'll be a hung parliament though.
  7. Good Luck UK from USA

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