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  1. :smoking:So this sounds stoopid but i mean its for my bro...he got put on probabtion for a year has to piss in a cup random stlye bullll shit u i got some questions about that legal weed shit, he wants to get some just so he can smoke somethin besides some cancer sticks...does anyone know anything about this shit and what the effects are and can it show up in a drug screen:( and does anyone know how many random drug tests they usually make you just hit this thread up and mad love to the smokaz and just know dont Judge others before You JUDGe your self....

    live Free Seek Truth

    THe K/o/T/c
  2. nice first post man use the search button theres been shitloads of these threads before
  3. Please.

    I'm so sorry man.

    I hate when something like this happens to someone who probably doesn't deserve it at all:(

    But sometimes these things happen man, but don't let it get ya down, don't get depressed, fight through this obstical, you can still live a happy and grand life.

    I'm no doctor, but I know a few doctors, and if I have my facts right your common sense gland has been heavily infected and is no longer working properly.

    I'm sorry to tell you, but we currently do not have the technological advances to do a common sense gland transplant at this time, so I'm sorry to say you will no longer have a common sense, as it is very clear by this post that you have lost it.

    I'm sure there's a therapy group or something you can join, they seem to work for some people.

  4. You in the wrong thread man?

  5. Re-read the post dude.
  6. No I was making fun of him in a way that must only be funny when your really high.
  7. Oh duh, Im retarted. I just stopped reading right before you said he was lacking commen sence and all that. I was like "What the fuck is this guy talking about". Now I feel dumb. :(
  8. Man Tyrone....+rep for that avatar. Rupert was indeed The Shit.
  9. Yo u fukin faggits talkin ur shit bout my brother like that...i can still smoke first of all, and second of all i get much better weed then your 2 dollaz in your pocket no smokes and an ugly bitch fat fukin chink up there smokin nothin shitty stink straight outta mexico fukin bitch...i dont give a fuck if theres been other threads and im not new on here i knew about this website 4 years ago i just made a new name and dont give a fuck about answer the question and be straight rather then type some shit thinkin ppl will think your cool cuz it sounds all trippy when your high when really that shit just makes u look like that fat chink fuckin ass holes smokin ur doja and dont even understand what bob marley spoke...dont judge someone until you judge if you are a legit weed smoker that knows somethin about this fake bud my bro would really like to know more about it ... keep talkin shit if u like I DGAF...:hello:
  10. Yeah I just discovered it recently. I got REALLY high one day and decided to watch kiddy shows (always heard it was trippy). Rupert comes on and I had a blast! It got so intense I had to turn it off at the climax! Good times indeed.

    Normally I wouldn't be rudely going off topic with a thread like this but the threads done anyway.
  11. why would he need therapy he aint fucked up in the head like you are prolly talkin bout your self. i grantee u thought about blowing your brains out thats why u said shit like that...he dont give a fuck he can still get by and unlike u hes able to buy liqour you hairles nut pussies
  12. Then why is "He" talking about himself in the third person?
  13. this kid of corn is fuckin great
  14. whoa, mellow out man.
  15. Damn, I was about to defend you, but then you said that and I lost all respect for you...

    Anyway, I don't know about the health repercussions of smoking the legal herbs. They might be better or worse than cigs, I dunno.

    But, I have smoked them, for the same reason; I just wanted something to smoke. Don't expect to get high, but it is something to smoke. Lots of people don't understand how good it feels to roll and a "joint" of legal herb after you've been sober on probation for a few months.

    PS - Don't bong it. It just doesn't go down right in bong rips.

  16. Well if ur comin on here and actin like ur hot shit and demanding answers i dont think ur gonna get a lot of positive responses. And you should use the search button b4 u post because there have been many other threads about this. And that fake weed does not do anything. It is all just a scam. THC is what is in real weed, THC is what gets you high and makes you feel good, THC is illegal, so is not in those fake buds that your talking about, wich means that those fake buds will not get you high. There you go tuff guy.
  17. i really didnt mean any harm im not a hater im a soul rebel im chill as fuk just some reason i got a lot of ppl hating on me for no reason i respect you for letting me know about that legal bud i just asked for him cuz i said id find out for him just tryin to be a brother u know...i just cant believe ppl be hating on me just because i didnt search for it first, i rather get it direct then go around searching for someone elses understand what im im sorry for calling kid a chink im not racist i fukd a few asian girls so i mean lol :wave: but thanks man for answering some of my questions...but does it show up in your piss i mean theres no thc it cant thats what im telling him just wanna be 100 percent sure would hate to see them try to lock him up....

  18. Cause I feel bad I'll help...

    Although I don't know for sure, I assume if it's legitamitely legal then there should be no THC in it at all. If anything was going to make you fail it would be something messed up in the test, as there would be no actual THC in your blood.
  19. No it will not show up on a drug test. If you take a drug test they check for THC in your system. THC is illegal and if its in you, you are breaking the law. Those fake buds do not have THC in them so they will not show up on a drug test.

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