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  1. So on the legal weed packages it says the THC percentage. How do they test for this and do some companies lie about the THC percentage? Whats the highest percentage you have seen? I have gotten 24%. yeah im just high and thinking they might be lying saying this stuff i bought for $8.50 G renew strain is 23.77%.
  2. THC-A is the flexiable one as its really hidden and chems and lab work
    are used to reveal this very fast moving chem
    normal THC has not really much but overall has improved some from about 3% to 8%
    adding 15-20% for THC-A and some marketing crap its very easy to claim those profitable rates
    so most would be around 20-26% thc these days
    depending how much you pay the lab
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    The Need for Standardization in Medical Cannabis Testing | Cannabis Industry Journal

    A US study found that as few as 20% of recreational cannabis products are accurately labelled with only 17% of products reviewed accurately labelled for THC content (i.e. within 10% of the labeled value). It also found 23% were under labelled, and 60% were over labelled.
    Discrepancies in Washington Cannabis Lab Test Results Reveal Systemic Failings

    Following analyses, the team observed clear differences in reported values of both THC and CBD content across the Washington labs. For example, the median total THC content for chemotype I flower products ranged from 17.7% to 23.2% (average THC content is understood to be around 20%) between the labs reporting the lowest and highest THC levels, respectively. But these varying content levels didn’t appear to be due to random miscalculations. Indeed, the labs that reported the highest levels of THC for chemotype I products also reported the highest levels of CBD for other chemotypes, which indicates a systematic tendency for certain labs to overestimate all cannabinoids levels.

    Major Shortcomings Revealed at Oregon’s Cannabis Testing Labs

    When it came to quantifying commercial “strains”, hybrids were found to have higher mean levels of THC compared to indicas and sativas, but aside from that, the distributions of THC and CBD content among indicas, sativas, and hybrids all overlapped considerably. Final analysis showed that the indica/sativa/hybrid classification system accounted for only about 1% of the relative variability in THC content...With regards to the state of cannabis classifications, the researchers concluded that there were no substantial differences in the THC or CBD content between flower samples labeled as indica and sativa.
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  4. When they test they remove all of the moisture before determining the percentage of THC. This means buds from a plant testing 25% THC won't actually have 25% THC. Normal bud may contain 10% water (it varies) so 10 grams wouldn't have 2,500mg THC, it'll have closer to 2,250mg which is 22.5% Thc. The more moisture it contains the less THC you get per unit of weight which makes sense.
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  5. Here in Oregon you can get ounces for nuthin like 25-50$ but it’s like a year old. They claim a thc percentage but I’m wondering if the bud was tested a year ago at that percentage and the thc has deteriorated. Or do ya think it was tested when the dispensary bought it? I’m high too, just wondering.
  6. I never minded buying day old bread. I'm guessing they tested it when it was fresh. I'd take a pound of year old dank for $400. It's been a long time since I smoked pot that fresh.
  7. The highest THC bud I've bought was supposedly 30%. It was "Banana OG" and it was like the 2nd or 3rd time I ever went to a dispensary. I was kinda a noob to the whole dispensary-buying experience at that time and I was just like "I want the highest THC bud in stock" without caring about terpenes or anything lol.

    It was really strong bud - especially for my tolerance then - but yeah I had no way of knowing how strong a percent it actually was.
  8. Ive seen where some companies have shopped around for their labs i guess it like most other industries money moves some folks can get numbers fudged. I wouldnt take the numbers at face value. If it looks good smokes good gets you the relief or at the level you wanna be at numbers a mute point anyways. It seems to be a big selling point though so high thc claims will persist.
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  9. We can't tell the difference between 20% and 25% pot by smoking it. I'd still take the 25% pot given the choice but if all they had was 20% I wouldn't cry about it.
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  10. Even if scientists could accurately tell you a statistic about a part of a plant, no two phenotypes are the same.

    You will not react the same from Green Crack THC like you will Blue Dream THC, because the two plants are just as different as people are different.

    There is a very specific point to naming conventions so that documenting can take place. People recently believing sales are forgetting the government considers all weed the same illegal hogwash that previously "couldn't" be studied.

    Believing a percentage on a package is less informative than believing your nose and other valuable senses.
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  11. Since I began exploring dispensary strains a couple years ago, have yet to notice much difference in effects other than THC content levels. I most certainly can tell the difference between say 12% strains and 25% THC strains so lately it has all been above 20%.

    The whole Indica versus Sativa difference in effects discourse has in my experience been non-existent. Likewise the mental descriptions like happy, uplifted, relaxed, energetic, etc seem useless. My suspicion is these descriptions are being generated by those that smoke daily, many all day and thus have ridiculous tolerance levels with depleted neurotransmitter and high metabolized cannabinoid levels that poorly correlate to those like this person that don't smoke frequently and thus have a balanced chemical system.

    I've smoked some of the strongest Sativa and Indica with identical results. Unlike many couch locked types that is again more a frequent stoner issue, I am very active because I choose to get up and be so, whether that is conversing with others, hiking, skiing, enjoying a rock concert, etc. The last year I've been occasionally street dancing for 2 or 3 continuous hours in downtown San Francisco right after walking out of lounges with no difference whatsoever. And for decades have smoked weed and then skied mogul slopes about Tahoe. It is true if while smoking I just lay back, close my eyes, and don't get up, eventually that may result in a drowsy useless session.
  12. That's what I've been saying for years. More and more people are beginning to agree. IMO it's all about the THC and THC=THC. As with other hallucinogens, the dose, mindset, and setting determine the feels.
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