Legal way to smoke?

Discussion in 'General' started by devils42491, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. I know in school you can wear shit on your head for religion like turbans and yamaka's but i was wondering if i said i was Rastafarian or whatever it is , could i use marijuana as a part of my religion, and be protected under the first amendment? I am not too familiar with Rasafarian religion or whatever, but is smoking weed actually part of it? On wikipedia it was unclear whether or not it was. If it is, it would be interesting if i went and smoked weed, next to a police officer, taped it, and said it was a part of your religion, and the ACLU defended your case. Unless a case like this has gone to court, i don't see why this argument isn't valid. In church, laws are broken when underage children drink the wine as "the blood of christ". If Rastafarianism does not include weed smoking as a part of its religion, one can be found or made and substituted. I think this is my best high idea yet.
  2. the law dont protect rastas from smoking weed...this has already tried to be passed since a long ass time ago....the law dont give a fuck cause most rastas are black.
  3. This has already been tried and proven to fail, people that claim weed is a part of their religion get fucked over anyways.
  4. i don't understand how that can be. I mean if it got to the supreme court, i don't see how it could not be overturned.
  5. lol, like the constitution matters anymore to this government.
  6. that has got to be the most stoned thought I've ever heard!! :hello:
  7. Yea, lol. If the constitution really mattered, more than half of the current laws probably wouldn't exist.
  8. well yeah in a sense, but the government gets away with SO much shit that is considered unconstitutional.

    So this government=using constitution as a tampon (we all know all politicians are secretly gay and/or women) ((and the women politicians are really MEN!)) (((DUN DUN DUN)))

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