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legal troubles

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smokeuhjunt, Feb 24, 2003.

  1. Who all here has been in legal troubles and what did you

    do?? I got a dui like 6 months and ago

    and I have failed a few drug tests which fuckin sucks cause

    now im on randoms and can't smoke as much... :smoke:
  2. The worst legal 'trouble' I've ever been in is also the only time I've ever been pulled over...this cop pulled me over because they had a robbery in the area and I fit the description..white female driving a black Saturn. Thank heavens they were busy and let me go...I was driving a car that was not mine, with outdated California plates (in PA), no insurance, the car wasn't inspected, and I was high as a mofo! I was very lucky :D
  3. I haven't been in trouble in years. I have learned to stay out of trouble is not take a chance that will get me in trouble!

    Just a thing that I have to do!
  4. yepyep, i've had little actual trouble with the law, but I do so much illegal, lol. im just lucky :p
  5. luckily, nothing involving weed yet!
    i always used to get tickets for skateboarding back in middle school.
  6. nothing i haven't been able to talk my way out of
  7. i mooned an undercover detective before... that was pretty interesting. nothing happened though. just got a warning.

  8. lol, i bet you were kicking yourself for that one lol
  9. just a couple of tickets her.e nothing that bad.

  10. i got arrested for possesion on school grounds a few months ago, now im on probation til like next january :(

  11. a little... i was 14... it's just one of those things that stupid 14 year olds do, LOL

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