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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by dahcetmoht, May 15, 2010.

  1. So I had a state capital felony that got dropped to a class b misd theft charge. I recently got arrested for trying to take two cases of beer from walmart and was wondering what exactly might happen with my probation.

    Notes: My probation officer is huge on rehab and recover which I have been attending and plan on telling him that my addiction took over and really wanted to drink. But also, this is another theft charge.

    Just wondering what everyones take on this is? :mad:
  2. Well for one your not going to be smoking weed for a loooong time buddy.
  3. Why the fuck would you take two cases of beer from walmart..? I would talk to a lawyer no GC lol
  4. The thing is, I really think hell just send me to a in-patient rehab. Me and my PO have a really good relationship. But does anyone think ill be doing time??

  5. Theres always the Wizzinator..
  6. It was also a Class C misd
  7. I have a bit to get tested and im pretty sure I can pass anyways. The thing im worried about is that I have 3 months left and jail time
  8. Hmm, who do you have to be angry at? But also, this is another theft charge.:rolleyes:

    You might want to stop stealing chit! :cool:
  9. Well, talked to my attorney today and im looking at a max of 180 days in jail (more likely 50-60) or an extended year of probation. Im thinking that im going to ask to serve the jail time. Which me luck blades, I talk to my probation officer monday.

    Been using AZO standards and flushing the system. Itll be 2 days off of benzos and 12 days off of bud(not a daily smoker because of probation). But still pretty nervous.

    Hope all you blades pray for the best for me; need it right now, pretty damn nervous.

    Oh and P.S.
    Fuck the law.

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