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Legal to Video a Cop Encounter?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by daTrueSasquatch, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. Is it legal to take a video record of any encounter with the police like on a cell phone? A friend from Maryland tried when he was pulled over with an oz in the car. The officer said it was illegal and confiscated his phone, and my friend claims that they searched his vehicle after he denied consent and found his items. So is it illegal to film a traffic stop, and would he have an arguement in cour if he told them about the confiscation and illegal search?
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    Yes its legal, don't let them tell you its not. If they are really pushing you from doing it film yourself or your friend, sports in that case they can't make ANY bullshit up that has the intellectual sounding of someone above the age of 4
  3. Tell them the camera is for mine and your protection.
  4. It's Legal until the cop asks you politely to put it away, if your a jackass about it i see no reason for him to not arrest the videographer. I mean whats the point of video taping an officer? If you have an OZ in your car that would be the last thing I would be doing. Tell your buddy next time to keep his hands on the wheel and explain to the officer where his license/registration/insurance card are and that there is nothing else in the car of worry and as long as your record is clean the cop will most likely be on his way.

    Your just asking to be removed from the car or hassled even worse if your videotaping.
  5. sadly, it depends. in many circumstances, it is legal. next time, try google for you problem before making a thread
  6. It is illegal in Texas, if you take any pictures or video of a police operation it can range from forcibly deleting them to a felony.
  7. BL you still got nausia?
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  9. plenty of situations where even though filming is legal cops still give people problems. some cops just don't allow people to film in some areas for no apparent reason.
  10. Actually this morning is better, but yeah not near as bad. But it comes in waves. So weird. It starts in the stomach then like creeps up to be chest pain. But I barely had ANYTHING to eat last night, which I thought over eating was the cause.

    Hmph, oh well. Im dry after about 2 months of getting as high as I can everyday, so I need a T-break anyway.:smoke:

    Thanks for asking man! That actually means a lot!
  11. they changed the law recently so that its illegal to videotape a cop doing anything.

    a woman near me in rochester was arrested for videotaping a police office arrest someone while she was on her own lawn.
  12. There was a triple domestic homicide stabbing about 50-70 feet from my house, and a 11 year old kid had a gun pointed at his head by the police while his mother lay crying on the lawn, another 10 year old was filming it and was tackled by a police officer for filming, they then grabbed the camera and deleted all evidence.

    The mother then runs to my house to get my step dad, over 40 cops in one square block. Just fyi, I was neighbor-friends with both the 13 year old stabbed to death by his father and the 10 year old filming the police.

    Let me tell you another fucked up story about the police, A home invasion a couple streets down with a Glock-19C and a Remington, police FUCKING SWARM they cordon off the neighborhood and I have a police dispatch radio on my phone (it actually works) I heard the original call, 1065, Home invasion on *********** all available units respond, the suspects are armed, next thing I hear is what seems like billions of police in my neighborhood, they search every lawn for a good 2 hours until 3Am on Saturday, then try to tell all the residents standing around with golf clubs and shit, that the police were just going after some people who were just fighting. Bullshit right. Well all the cops leave, and then about 10 minutes later a car rides up and these guys jump out of the bush and jump in and they drive off.

    Heres another story, im chillin upstairs smoking a bowl out the window, when 3 gunshots ring out.... The guys were RIGHT below me, and I didnt even hear them. Fuck right.....

  13. So would it be illegal for the cop to record the event if I don't consent?
    When I'm speaking of them recording, I'm talking about that camera that they sometimes have mounted inside of their car
  14. I don't think that counts, because its for HIS safety and both of your legal safety.
  15. BL:
    How did you get a police dispatch radio on your phone?

    What kind of phone do you have?
  16. Iphone, its also for driods I think. its called 5-0 Radio. If you have like a dollar or 2 you can buy the pro version.
  17. No prob! congrats on the 69th post :p;D

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