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Legal to grow 5 plants if you own a farm?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Buttery, Jul 1, 2012.

  1. Sooo i was in a thread and someone said this - "Also I forgot to mention that if you own a farm that under federal law you are allowed to grow up too 5 plants legally."

    i couldnt find shit on it but i dont know if he was fucking with people or not and i really wanna know lol. anyone?:eek:
  2. that should tell ya right there... if you can't find anything supporting it then its b/s. Otherwise we would all own farms.
  3. lol thats what i thought, but it was a member with a lot of rep and posts so i thought maybe,,,

    guess im not very good at detecting internet sarcasm:p
  4. maybe hemp?
  5. No, hemp is just as illegal

    OP you shouldn't believe random crap on here, I think I hear 5% useful factual information and 95% made up bullshit from 20 year olds lol
  6. Since "facts" like that are everywhere on the net, I always try to back up what I say with PubMed or other reliable sources! It is a good habit to have.

    And federal law prohibits growing of any number of plants- on a farm or not!

    Federal Marijuana Laws | LegalMatch Law Library


  7. this is part of the 95%.
  8. well if you own a farm with lots of land, you should be able to grow a few plants without getting caught. your dad would just tell them he had no clue it was there anyway
  9. Under federal law any kind of possesion of weed is completely illegal, dispensaries with medicinal marijuana in states allowing there business get shut down by the federal government from time to time.
  10. youre also allowed to have a patch of opium poppies
  11. Son, you're supposed to pretend like you're at least 18 when you post on this forum.


  12. Son, you can be 18 or over and still live with your parents.
  13. This is why we need more prominence among Libertarians.
    Stronger states, weaker central(federal) government.

    Now I don't know all the in's and out's of Libertarianism but from what I understand, it sounds pretty good to me.
    Just... Maybe not with the current state of America.
    Criminals would probably run rampant quickly turning it into literal anarchy

  14. no he's right actually, of course it's legal to grow 5 plants if you own a farm. you just can't grow a marijuana plant because, well, the federal government has been fighting tooth and nail to keep it criminalized for the past few decades :rolleyes:

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