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legal speed!

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by hypnogreen, Jul 13, 2009.

  1. So I did speed 2 times. It was ight, but the 2nd time I got a bad headache.

    My friend and I are driving from NYC to amherst tonight (7 hours) he gave me 2 stacker diet pills and believe me dieting isn't all they are good for.

    I'm wired right now. I'm on a blackberry and I think I typed this in like 10 seconds.

    So in conclusion if you want to know what speed is like head over to GNC or walgreens.
  2. I'm prescribed to adderall. 40mg a day. That is all the speed any person needs. Of course I haven't taken any in months because I hate uppers. Give me some pain meds and I'm happy.
  3. i think imma go get some right now... start slanging diet pills
  4. caffeine pills and adderal
  5. This intrigues me, any particular brand? I'm guessing as long as it has caffeine and ephedrine in them it won't matter what brand.
  6. I love om-nom-noming on Ephedrine pills.
    I snorted 50mg IR methylphenidate 35 mins ago.
    I'm a;oesvi;aweijnfvoanwije;fnvia;ewofiavjw;eofa right now too.
  7. You must have quite a stash built up. Lucky you.:mad:
  8. I too am prescribed this dosage. 2 20 IR a day. They were fun at first but now the euphoria is gone and i just get reclusive
  9. Doing speed only leads to your ruin dude. That is one drug you don't control it controls you. Those diet pills are very far from meth and if it gets you off stick to the pills. They have side effects also and give you irritable bowel syndrome when you use them too much.

  10. hey bro this is the box, anything goes! let him do his thing.
  11. This is fucked up because I JUST watched Requiem for a Dream and this is the first thread I saw.

    Don't do diet pills.

  12. No problem. Just reality man that stuff is a demon. I dealt speed and did it and know exactly what it does to people. Haven't touched the stuff in 8 years and quitting was one of the hardest things I ever did.

    Even just doing a little bit changes your brain forever. It changes your brain to where you don't experience the same level of joy as before doing speed. This is something I live with myself and it is a real thing.

    Have at it all you want I'm nobodys dad. Just don't say you weren't warned doing speed is a dark road.
  13. You're popping lots of Ephidrine. Its from a plant called Ephedra.

    Anyways its similar to caffeine or adrenaline if I'm not mistaken.
  14. I tried ephedra recently actually, it gives you a fairly decent buzz. I used it while working out and had alot more energy
  15. Amherst NS?
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