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Legal smoking concentrates

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PDubya, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. Used the search function here and couldnt find any info it. My buddy has been growing the last two years and getting sick of the same kb strain( i dont pay for it). Anybody try any good oils off the internet? Chocolate tye concentrate and so on? Just lookin for reviews on them to try something new. Thanks in advance!
  2. not allowed on here bro but if you look in GC shop there are legal highs in there and normally comments/reviews from people who have bought them.
  3. Why isnt this allowed? Someone said them tasty puffs but that stuff is horrid. If a mod could delete this that is cool, but why isnt talking about concentrates allowed?
  4. Because they are more harmful then weed and this forum is for weed...
  5. Ahhh.. tasty puffs... soz bro, think I misunderstood you, thought you were talking about trying legal concerntrates like saliva extract or somthing. You mean concentrates for flavouring your papers or bud :)

    Na man, never tried any but tbh I love the smell and taste of good bud so dont think I would. That said I do actually like flavoured blunts every now and then. I use Platinum Blunt Wraps.. tasty!
  6. No not saliva. Flavored blunts are alright, but if I go hard a week with the dutchs my lungs are killed. If anyone has knowledge for the flavored oils or who can point me in the right direction would be awesome. I checked GC already but all I could find is herbs(no) and salvia(bud is already potent enough). I just want something new, taste wise. Thanks in advance to any help that is given!

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