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Legal question regarding robbery

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by tz49, Apr 2, 2016.

  1. Saw no subforums for legal questions, but I need legal help bad. I have to go in Monday to my local sherrifs office for further questioning regarding an inccident. So, I sell a little tree here and there. A few days back a few black guys tried breaking in to my old house asking for me at gun point and where the money was. I recently moved out and a 70 year old woman took the place in the house. Obviously the cops were called and I had no contact with them until today when they randomly showed up on my new residence door step. They were asking me if I knew who any of these guys would be or if I recognized the vehicle they were driving(the lady took note of it) and why they would be asking for me by name, I was shocked and kind of nervous at the time so i played dumb to the situation and told them I didn't know anything. One of the officers kept saying that he was with the major crimes unit and he "wasn't worried about small time drug dealers" and that "if he really was after me he would already have a search warrant and be in my house already" and that he was "here for to try to get this solved for mine and the 70 year old lady's safety". I'm almost positive the cops are aware of what I do/did, I'm pretty sure they questioned the neighbors and the neighbor mentioned something about me. One of the officers kept stating that "he doesn't care what I do or what I've done in the past, that it's none of his business". The cops seemed very genuine and like they were there for my well being and that they were at my door step to help me but that's just it.... I'm not sure if it was genuine or fake. The issue I have is, 2 seconds after they left I knew who it was. I've only sold to one black guy, only one black guy has been to my old house, he's never been to my new residence, he hadn't hit me up in 2-3 months, and the same exact night that the incident happened within 30 minutes of the incident(the cops told me when exactly everything happened) he texted me from a buddies phone saying "hey this is ****, I have a bad connection, do you have a (large amount)?" luckily, I had a bad feeling that night and thought something was phishy that he hadn't been in contact with me in months, so i texted him back saying "Sorry, I don't do that anymore. I got a better job". With all this being said, I feel like I have VERY valuable information and that they could possibly be taken off the streets and I could feel a whole lot safer. I honestly and truthfully feel like the cops aren't after me, I have a clean record, I'm a solid looking guy, I don't smoke or do any drugs, I've always been known as a good person around my town. I'm just puzzled as to how I should go in there monday.....I would love to go in and give this information up, these guys are obviously very dangerous and I'm slightly concerned for mine and my girlfriends well being. (Yes, I know I never should have gotten involved in this game if I didn't want to feel this way, you don't have to tell me)

    any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. they know yer name
    they'd do 9months tops since not caught on seen with the iron
    you ought not
  3. Do not self incriminate yourself, say you don't know and keep a low profile.
  4. seen with the iron? I don't know what you really mean by this but they all 3 held a gun to an old ladies head...

    incriminate myself? I wouldn't be doing that. I could just tell them I used to smoke with him. Have text message history of me texting him back that night saying I didn't do that anymore and that I got a better job.
  5. good luck with that youngun
  6. Just my two cents, take it for what it's worth. I think you are fine but don't say more than is necessary.

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