legal question about p2p wire sites

Discussion in 'General' started by weedzilla420, Aug 9, 2006.

  1. i've read recently that the music industry is really cracking down on file sharing sites and the people that use them. a grandmother was fined like $6,000 because her grandkids had downloaded lover 800 songs from a file sharing site.

    the article explained that the way the music industry tracks these people down is by searching for songs they own and then busting the people who have dowloaded that song by tracing their ip and then your isp receives a court order to reveal the id of that account. then the owner receives a a notice in the mail that they are being sued and have to pay a fine.

    if you delete the songs you downloaded out of you account, are you still accountable for having dl'd them in the frist place?

    what is the best way to avoid this happening? should you block you ip? and how do you do so?
  2. torrents ftw
  3. Change the ports from the default and the ISP's have a really hard time following you.

    Just keep your bandwidth down.
  4. link please.

    i call bullshit because millions use it everyday, and one person got caught? ok.
  5. so do you all think there's any serious chance of me getting caught for downloading a few songs here and there?
  6. i would saythis to the cops. "i was away for a week on vacation and my house got broken into. apparently the robber downloaded a bunch of songs because he knew i had high speed internet"
  7. use bitlord

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