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Legal Pot Bad?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by RoVe, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. If they made pot legal, would it still be legal to grow?

    i dont trust companies not to put addictive chemicals in anything anymore
  2. Depends on how it were legalized I guess.

    But I don't know if anyone would want to bother. Look at CA with medical marijuana, all the stuff being sold in dispensaries is super-dank because it's cultivated by professionals who don't (or shouldn't) have to worry about heat from the cops. And it's not priced high like dank would be priced on the streets. The competition between companies would probably force retailers to sell the dankest pot for the lowest prices possible to outdo the next place. There'd be little reason for the average person to try to grow anything; it would probably be more time, effort, and money that it would be to just walk into a shop and buy some.

    As far as addictive chemicals, there would probably he a pretty big backlash from smokers and lawmakers if that happened. I mean, part of the reason why it would be legalized would be that it's not habit-forming.

    Just my $0.02.
  3. they dont worry about cops but they have to worry about feds and that shit sucks
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    if they made pot legal there would probably be many restrictions on it but I believe a lot of people would grow it anyways and it would be unstoppable. Just like it is unstoppable now but a millions times worse.
  5. The cops out here purposely let cannibus clubs get robbed. They say that security bars are a fire hazard, and then they turn the other cheek on criminals robbing the clubs. Its one of the many corrupt ways the "man" takes us down and any progress we mak!:mad:
  6. Legalizing it would be great! If they legalized it they would of course legalize growing it, and it would be awsome, but I wouldn't imagine that prices would go down. Prices would probably stay about the same.
  7. Im sure certain brands would add different chemicals. But imagine buying a pack of joints just like a pack of cigs... way more expensive but still.. i would love to walk into a gas station and buy some pot.
  8. If it becomes legal, i think that the police will tolerate that you grow enough plants to supply yourself. It won't necessarily be legal to grow, but never the less i think it will be tolerated.
  9. Or better!

    I think a lot of people would grow their own even if it was more expensive than buying it from a dispensary. Why? Cause it's fun!
  10. Well this much is probably true. I've tended a (non-marijuana) garden and there is a sense of accomplishment to be had in raising healthy plants, so I guess the same applies.
  11. agreed. I'm excited about my garden outside this year!! It will be my first full season cause usually I move a lot...
  12. couldn't agree more

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