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legal plant kills while illegal plant heals

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Colton33, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. Does anyone here know anything about the plant foxglove? I know it grows in MN, we have a lot by our house. My mom warned me about it because it can be extremely deadly. Getting even a small amount of the chemical on foxglove in your bloodstream will stop your heart and kill you. source:
    or just google 'foxglove'

    Why is this plant that kills so quickly perfectly legal, while cannabis is illegal?

  2. Well to be fair, there ain't many recreational users of Foxglove. Makes it less of an issue, y'know?

    But I dig what you're saying.

    I have a Castor Plant in my backyard, it's full of Ricin. The lethal does is less than a grain of salt.
  3. smaller than a grain of salt? shit son!

    Who the fuck decided it was ok to make a plant illegal in the first place?

    What do we have mother nature for if we're gonna mess up all her shit, know what I mean?
  4. Yikes man, I'd be scared to have that in my backyard, chop dat shit down!! What if some somehow got into your food :eek:
  5. Nah it's fine, most of the Ricin is in the husk of the beans. The rest of the plants go it too, but in lesser amounts.

    Besides, I'm not worried about it getting it *MY* food ;)
  6. maybe he means because it could be used as some kind of poison or some shit like that. maybe im just really high who knows.
  7. uh... foxglove is bad in the natural quantities, but it's used as a treatment for heart disease.... lol
  8. kinda like cannabis is the cure for cancer....
  9. Digitek doesn't "cure" shit, it just treats symptoms.

    Scripts for the stuff are in micrograms if you want an idea of how nasty it can be. Helped my heart from going apeshit though.

    Then again, pot does too. lol.
  10. wtf digitek? you fail at understanding me dude.
  11. There is a lot of foxglove in my yard as well, its good to know it could kill me.

    There was also some nightshade growing in my yard last year, that stuff really fucks people up.

  12. Brand name for what is essentially foxglove extract.. It's a really bad comparison is what I'm saying. If you were being sarcastic about the cure for cancer thing, my bad.
  13. there's a lot of Datura and oleander around where I live, both are grown as ornamental plants and are available from pretty much every garden center

    ..and both will easily kill you or fuck you up for life.
    It's strange the govn't criminalizes a totally non-toxic plant like cannabis while ignoring plants that'll kill you dead. Not that I think that they should be criminalizing any more plants, it's just weird to see such blatant double standards :confused:
  14. You guys are way to caught up on this weed needs to be legal cause other plants kill.

    First thing these plants are toxic and WILL FUCKING KILL YOU! I dont think the goverment is worried about people trying to smoke plants that are obviously toxic and would not do anything but kill you.

    Second weed is a mind altering substance. these other plants alter your heart? Im pretty sure my heart doesn't help me make educated decisions.

    Third if the government wasted time and money to make these plants illegal id move to Canada
  15. Theres over 200 plants that could be used to kill one, all legal. Marijuana, wich can be used extremely well in medicine (and I would know...I used it for chemotherapy nausea, though not by prescription) is illegal so that big buisnesses like pharmecutical companies can keep making millions on dangerous drugs that don't work half the time.

    Spelling's prolly waaaay off on some of these btw
  16. Yeah i believe its also fairly difficult to get the lethal stuff into your bloodstream because i dont think it will soak in though your skin like lsd can do.
  17. you thought wrong
  18. Its called "potential for abuse" and foxglove doesnt have that.

    Its when harmful effects are joined with a desire to consume the product that its classified a drug- just look at what's happened since the rise in popularity of salvia, now states are passing bills to ban its sale and consumption.
  19. wtf is the point of making a plant that can kill you illegal, nobodys gonna fuck with it anyway, and it sounds to me like this is a wild plant, how in the fuck is the gov't gonna go out n pick all these plants? you know what else can kill you, guns, cars, food, almost anything can kill you dude

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